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Video presentations and live seminars presented via digital platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams are now a commonplace alternative to face-to-face meetings. Here is just a small selection of what’s on offer at ribacpd.com. For an even greater choice, click on the search bar above.
Online Learning, by BlazeMaster
Packed with practical information and advice, topics covered include: how fire sprinklers work, the CPVC supply chain, fire sprinkler design, fire hazard classification, training and certification, legislation covering the installation of fire sprinklers, BIM objects for sprinklers, a cost comparison of CPVC, installation guidance and best practices, and quality assurance.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a world-leading manufacturer of post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and has specifically designed compounds for use in fire sprinkler systems. CPVC pipes and fittings provide unique advantages in sprinkler installations, including superior hydraulics and ease of joining and assembly. CPVC pipe systems were first installed in the United States before being adopted successfully across Europe, Great Britain and Scandinavia. Following recent European-led initiatives to address the need for more sustainable building solutions, several independent studies by European government agencies and insurers have shown that the installation of fire sprinkler systems is an important contributing factor in sustainability. They considerably reduce fire, smoke and water damage and eliminate the need for fire damaged buildings to be torn down and rebuilt. CPVC fire sprinkler piping further contributes to a positive environmental impact because its production requires less energy than steel pipe and because it outperforms metal pipe in terms of longevity (due to its corrosion resistance).

Duration: 90 minutes, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by Signbox Ltd
Digital signage is about environments, productivity and being connected in the workplace. Understanding these benefits helps the designer to create a digital signage and wayfinding strategy that fits the story of a building and improves the overall experience for visitors and employees.

UK-based Signbox is a leading signage specialist with over 30 years’ experience. With intelligent design and application the company consistently delivers award-winning visual communications via traditional and pioneering signage methods across a number of market sectors, including corporate, education, healthcare, retail, hotel and leisure. Signbox provides proven formulas based on contemporary design, technical innovation and engineering excellence. Sourcing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and high quality sustainable materials, the company is renowned for delivering powerful interior and exterior signage projects for a diverse range of global brands in the UK, Europe, the Americas and the Far East – all of which are compliant, futureproof and visually arresting. Beyond traditional signage applications, the company’s service offering includes fabricated external monoliths, internal environmental graphics, digitally printed glazing manifestations and wall coverings, way finding, digital signage, LED infused glass structures, contemporary name plates, interactive media via Near Field Communication (NFC) and beacon technology and signposting.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by KLEEMANN Lifts UK
Discusses the basic tools needed to design a lift. Topics covered include key terms, guidelines and regulations, automatic drawings, elevator types and door openings. Also addresses: the different types of technologies used in the lift industry, including hydraulic and traction elevators and machine room and machine-room-less elevators; door selection and the types of door most commonly used; and, cabin dimensions and standard dimensions used in lift design.

KLEEMANN is one of the most important lift companies in the European and global markets. During this challenging period its manufacturing facilities have remained fully functioning, adopting a full range of measures to protect its personnel.

Duration: 30 minutes, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by UZIN UTZ
Wood floors are the most sustainable type of floor covering. Each is beautifully, naturally individual. Understanding what gives them these qualities and how that impacts on installation methods, renovation and maintenance will help the specifier to deliver a low lifetime cost and practical – but beautiful – asset.

Founded more than a century ago, UZIN UTZ embodies all disciplines in the art of floor installation. The UZIN UTZ brand family delivers the foundation for professional flooring installation. The company provides UK flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality adhesives, smoothing compounds, underlays and damp proof membranes, as well as resin floors and wood flooring lacquers. From new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings, UZIN UTZ has the answer to any challenge.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
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