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Health, safety and wellbeing

The following RIBA-approved CPD materials fall within the RIBA core curriculum topic ‘Health, safety and wellbeing’. Its purpose is to help you better understand your legal, professional and ethical duties in relation to construction site and workplace safety and wellbeing. It also covers the development and management of appropriate strategies, processes, tools and systems in your role(s) as designer, Principal Designer, architect, business owner and/or employer.
Seminar, by BlazeMaster
Topics covered include: how fire sprinklers work, the CPVC supply chain, fire sprinkler design, fire hazard classification, training and certification, legislation covering installation, sprinkler BIM objects, a cost comparison of CPVC, installation guidance and best practice, and quality assurance.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials (BlazeMaster) is a world-leading manufacturer of post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and has specifically designed compounds for use in fire sprinkler systems. Independent studies by European government agencies and insurers show that the installation of fire sprinkler systems is an important factor in building sustainability.

Duration: 30 minutes, plus Q&A
Article, by INTRAsystems
With hygiene and wellness the highest priority in hospitals and healthcare, entrance matting is your building’s first line of defence against dirt and contaminants. This article examines the key considerations for entrance matting specification and provides guidance for specifying commercial entrance matting in a hospital or healthcare setting.

INTRAsystems supplies discerning architects and interior designers with high performance entrance matting, architectural grilles and creative ceiling products across a variety of sectors, including commercial, education, healthcare, leisure facilities and public spaces. Established in 1986, INTRAsystems is a family-run business, proudly manufacturing from its UK facilities in Hampshire.

Duration: 50-55 minutes
Online Learning, by Autex Acoustics Ltd
Addresses the subject of healthy materials within buildings, concentrating on the three core sensory interactions that contribute to healthy buildings: acoustic comfort, visual comfort and indoor air quality.

Autex Acoustics solutions reduce and control reverberation and echo in building interiors, creating comfortable, acoustically balanced environments. Its full product range includes wallcoverings, panels, baffles, and screens – easily customised to fit the requirements of your space.
Seminar, by Brett Landscaping
Identifies the specific circumstances where specialist containment kerbs become a requirement as well as addressing the correct way to integrate them into your design. Other topics include how containment kerbs work, how to incorporate them into the urban highway design as a passive safety feature, and sustainability issues.

Brett Landscaping helps designers to achieve the best looking, most durable and cost effective paving solutions for your projects. All Brett Landscaping CPDs are available face-to-face or via remote video conferencing, and are designed to meet the needs of both large and small organisations.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
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