RIBA CPD Showcase

Design, construction and technology

The following RIBA-approved CPD materials fall within the RIBA core curriculum topic ‘Design, construction and technology’ (and may fall within other core curriculum topics as well). This covers understanding, and keeping up to date with, technical, design, engineering, services and technological issues, trends and changes. It also covers having the knowledge and skills to deliver a successful building process using the latest technology in a rapidly changing industry and profession.
Seminar, by Saloni UK Ltd
Explores the benefits of specifying ceramic and porcelain tiles in dementia settings, factors to consider when designing in a dementia care setting, and the impact that dementia can have on individuals.

At Saloni tile making is a tradition, adapted and updated for the 21st century. Saloni ensures that all new projects incorporate something unique, customising living spaces and transforming houses into homes. Saloni represents innovation and outstanding quality and design.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by SurfaceCo Ltd
An introduction to biopolymer sustainable terrazzo, including its advantages and environmental benefits. Also covers different aggregates and colour options.

SurfaceCo supplies and distributes a broad range of floor coverings across the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2015, SurfaceCo’s mission is to deliver quality and sustainable floor coverings that are climate-positive, red-list free and UV stable.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
A comprehensive look at washroom specification in line with Department for Education guidelines. Includes guidance on key issues such as privacy requirements for senior school toilets, how specifying suitable products supports the reduction in bullying and anti-social behaviour, and the benefits of pre-plumbed systems and how they can save time and money during installation.

With over 80 years’ experience, Bushboard manufactures and develops affordable, well-designed and flexible washroom systems and products that work across all sectors. Bushboard’s range of stylish cubicle systems is complimented by ducting and vanity units, all of which can be delivered pre-plumbed with Bushboard's market-leading ready plumbed module system.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
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