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Conservation and renovation

We make no apology for adopting the layperson’s definition when describing our theme for this issue. The lay person often makes little distinction between renovation and conservation, nor between buildings they really like and those with listed status. The following materials are presented by experts in the field of preserving and/or enhancing existing structures that fall within both extremes of that definition. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Natural Slate Rainscreen Cladding System
Online Learning, by Cupa Pizarras
Provides an overview of the production and application of natural slate rainscreen cladding systems from a technical and practical viewpoint. Includes information on: how cladding slate is produced, from the quarry to the façade; the benefits of natural slate as an external façade solution; slate quality and how to detect potential problems; the advantages of using rainscreen cladding systems; and, a practical guide to installation of the system and its components.

Cupa Pizarras is a world leader in the production of natural slate, owning twenty quarries and twenty-four processing plants in Northern Spain. One in every two slates supplied for roofing and façades worldwide carries the company’s brand name, while more than 98% of the company’s product is exported to over sixty countries across five continents. With 125+ years’ experience and a team of over 1,500 associates, Cupa Pizarras is the natural slate specialist.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Specifying Natural Stone
Addresses the factors critical to the successful design, specification and installation of natural stone. Also covers: choosing the correct materials for different applications (with reference to relevant British and European standards, health and safety legislation etc); the main problems associated with natural stone installation and how to prevent them; and, the interaction between stone and the environment/service conditions to which it will be exposed.

Building Adhesives Ltd (BAL) is one of the UK’s leading brands for full tiling solutions, providing preparation, waterproofing, adhesive, grout, sealant and ancillary products for commercial and domestic projects. Whatever the tile material, whatever the tiling background, and whatever the function of the tiled environment, there is a BAL solution you can trust for quality and lasting performance. BAL offers impartial expert advice to specifiers on standards, best practices and technical information, as well as providing free specification tools.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Steel Windows - A New Generation
Online Learning, by Clement Windows Group
For over a century steel windows have been favoured by architects due to their elegant sight lines, strength and versatility. This presentation covers: the importance and characteristics of the steel window in architecture over the last century and before; their role today with regards to the environment and sustainability; legislation, standards and performance features; and, the future for steel windows, including the introduction of thermal breaks and the consequences for current steel window specification.

Clement manufactures an innovative range of steel windows, doors and screens for both private residences and commercial projects. It provides a complete service – from the provision of technical drawings to manufacturing, installation and after-sales support – whether for traditional restoration, listed building and/or conservation area, or new build. Clement has contributed to landmark buildings such as Bonhams in London, Norwich City Hall and the El Dorado Building in Manhattan. All windows are crafted to your bespoke design in its ISO 9001 approved factory. Produced from recycled steel and generally Part L compliant, Clement windows are environmentally friendly and meet the latest performance requirements for insulation, weatherproofing and security.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Why Specify Natural Slate for Roofing and Cladding?
Specify natural slate correctly and with confidence. This seminar explores why natural slate makes good roofing and cladding material, while also addressing some of the most common pitfalls. It uses case studies to showcase how and where natural slate has been used to solve complex design problems, as well as the environmental benefits of choosing natural slate over other genres of roofing products.

Spanish Slate Quarries offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of top-quality slate products available in the UK. Its slates are backed by reputable guarantees, as well as a 30-year track record of proven performance.