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Stone selection and maintenance

What a wealth of stone types and textures we can call upon from our native shores. Add to that the plethora of granite and marble types available from continental Europe alone, and the choice is truly dizzying. The following CPDs offer guidance on stone and masonry selection and maintenance. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Cleaning of Building Masonry
Seminar, by Stonehealth Ltd
A practical guide to the different methods of cleaning masonry, including advice on effective and sympathetic cleaning practises and those that can be harmful to both masonry and/or the environment. Covers issues such as chemical use, poultices, cleaning machinery and mineral repair mortar.

Stonehealth manufactures the well-known and widely-used DOFF steam cleaning and TORC vortex cleaning systems. It also provides consultation services and feasibility studies to contractors and specifiers. Stonehealth prides itself on being the expert in masonry conservation and restoration, with over 35 years’ experience.

Duration: one hour + Q&A
Marble, From Quarry to Project
Online Learning, by Temmer
Examines the journey marble takes from quarry to use in interior and exterior projects. Topics covered include the story of marble, the quarrying process, factory processes from arrival to packaging, quality control and testing, and marble as an environmentally-friendly choice.

With over 20 years’ experience, Temmer offers designers a one-stop sourcing, extracting, finishing, and supply service for natural stone products. Temmer's 107,000m2 factory uses the latest technology, while the company itself continually invests in fresh quarries to supply projects in the commercial, education, hospitality, retail and residential sectors.

Duration: 25 minutes
Natural Stone, Categories, Characteristics and Proper Use
Seminar, by Elite Stone
An introduction to the world of natural stone. Topics covered include types of stone and what differentiates them, how stone is processed from quarry to slab, and how to judge which stone is best suited to specific applications.

Elite Stone is a producer of luxury Italian natural stone. The company specialises in luxurious raw slabs, many of which are used as focal points in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings. Elite Stone produces around 70,000m2 of luxury marble and onyx slabs each year – representing the very finest in Italian stone.

Duration: 40 minutes + Q&A