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Design, construction and technology

The following CPD materials fall within the ‘Design, construction and technology’ RIBA Core Curriculum topic. All may be counted towards your annual 100 learning points total. Many seminars are now available online using Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams etc. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Bactericide Tiles and their Applications
Seminar, by Grespania UK Ltd
A look at bactericide tiles, existing bactericide agents and applications. Examines how bactericide technology works, appropriate applications for bactericide tiles and the different fields in which this technology can add value, as well as the potential benefits of photo catalyst technology.

Grespania UK was established in this country in 2005. By then its parent company was already one of the world’s leading manufacturers of porcelain and ceramic tile solutions, with a 40+ year track record.

Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A
Daylight Transfer - A Guide to the Design, Application and Maintenance of Internal Glass
Seminar, by Indeglås
standards, whole-life and climate-sensitive design, and guidance on regulatory compliance and best practice.

Indeglås partners with project teams to design, engineer and manufacture bespoke internal glass solutions and proprietary systems.

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A
Function and Reliability of Entrance Design
An in-depth look at the problems associated with entrance design, together with the DDA’s recommendations regarding operating forces, weights, safety and drainage. Also discusses the weatherproofing of entrances and the influence the client will have on design.

Comar is one of the largest privately-owned British aluminium systems companies. It is based in Mitcham and uses a network of fabricator/installers throughout the UK. Comar has an extensive product range, from simple shopfront systems to six-window and three-curtain walling suites, as well as louvers and brise-soleil products. The company has also recently launched a composite aluminium/timber range.

Duration: one hour + Q&A