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Latest CPD materials

Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised, and online and in-person, CPD seminars.
3D City Models Overview
Online Learning, by AccuCities
New & Available Online
An overview and comparison of various digital 3D city modelling types used by architects.
A Guide to Concealing Blinds for Gable End Windows and Skylights
Online Learning, by Blindspace
New & Available Online
This CPD is designed to create awareness and specific knowledge on how to design and specify for concealed blinds in gable end windows and skylights. By the end of this CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

- The space needed, or specific products, to conceal blinds in various applications
- The potential need for shading, heat control, room darkening and privacy in gable ends and skylights
Adaptable Spaces and Systems
What has changed in workspace design in recent years? Workspace design considerations have hugely evolved through factors such as the pandemic, sustainability, individual wellbeing and more. This CPD aims to explore the changing workspace environment and demonstrate how adaptable spaces and systems respond to these factors and meet our needs and demands. Exploring the benefits, capabilities and design features of adaptable systems such as pods and relocatable partitioning systems to remove the fear of uncertainty of the future. This design-led CPD will encourage designers and specifiers to adapt spaces with the users and the planet in mind. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- To have a good understanding of the drivers for changing demands in the workspace
- Have the ability to apply this understanding to future designs
- To understand the benefits, capabilities and design features of adaptable systems such as pods and relocatable partitioning systems
- To design workspaces for the future with the users and planet in mind without a fear of uncertainty
Cavity Barrier in Ventilated Facades
Online Learning, by Siderise Group
New & Available Online
This CPD looks at some of the common external wall types, key functions a ventilated façade; the UK regulatory requirements for fire protection within this facade type including the latest changes regarding fire classifications. It looks at functional performance of cavity barriers, suitable applications and important principles, testing and certification, routes to compliance when installing the cavity barrier component into the façade system. It also puts forward some typical problematic areas and how to overcome them early in the design stage as well as an installation overview.
Design and Specification of Trench Climate Convectors
Online Learning, by Jaga UK
New & Available Online
This CPD gives delegates a great introduction to the different types of trench convectors available covering heating, cooling and ventilation for various applications. You will be guided through how they work, how to select the right unit for your space, and how to add value in terms of aesthetics and engineering.
Entrance Flooring Systems: Specifying to relevant legislation and guidelines
Online Learning, by Forbo Flooring Systems UK Ltd
The aim of this CPD is to provide an understanding of how to specify an entrance flooring system that complies with currently legislation and guidelines, including health and safety guidelines and the Equality Act 2010. We'll talk about the different types of EFS that are available and the specification considerations when choosing the appropriate products.
Fire rated mailboxes - building a safer future
Online Learning, by The Safety Letterbox Company
New & Available Online
This video is intended to equip the specifier, architect, interior designer or contractor with sufficient information to judge when, where and how to specify fire rated mailboxes. It covers: the circumstances in which a fire rated mailbox becomes a requirement; the different standards that apply to fire rating, and what each means; how mailboxes are tested for compliance with these standards, including some eye-opening details of the testing process itself; common compliance issues, and why the presence of fire rated components alone may still not satisfy the fire officer; and, how to design a fire rated mailbox system using modular units.
How Advanced Walling Systems Can Produce Sustainable Outcomes in the Built Environment
Online Learning, by Specwall SP
New & Available Online
The CPD explores evolving trends in walling system design and its relationship with sustainable construction methods. The net energy savings realised within off-site construction and sustainable material choices are now well understood, and these savings are increasingly required by stringent local building and energy codes. Further considerations around fire safety will also be discussed within the session, as the need for Class A rated construction materials continues to grow in light of recent changes within Building Regulation. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Of advanced walling systems
- How you can apply the principals of 'designing out waste' to help deliver sustainable outcomes
- A better understanding of regulations around fire safety
- How interior walls are constructed
Inclusive Flooring Design: Where Form and Function Meet Legislation
Online Learning, by Karndean Designflooring
The presentation discusses the key design criteria to consider, when designing flooring for environments where vulnerable people are present; including the visually impaired, patients with dementia, and the elderly. The key topics covered include;
- Designing floors for the dementia environment
- Reducing the risk of slipping
- Complying with the Disability Discrimination Act
- Colour contrast and light reflectance values
- Maintaining hygienic floors
- Environmental credentials
- Case studies

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Invasive Plant Root Barriers
Online Learning, by Geofabrics Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD gives an insight into geosynthetic root barriers and their role within invasive plant protection. Working with academic partners, detailed analysis of root tip morphology in the presence and absence of Copper ions have been carried out. The results demonstrate that when root tips approach the zone of inhibition, they undergo a progressive collapse. This learning presentation will be of interest to those in design, engineering, procurement and planning and roles where public or private land is at risk from invasive plant growth.
Leather Wall Applications
Online Learning, by Garrett Leather
New & Available Online
Natural leather is simply unparalleled in terms of beauty, comfort, durability and versatility. For centuries, artisans have discovered new decorative techniques for premium leather and have used this luxurious material to illustrate wealth, fashion, and artistic talents. This creative passion endures in modern times, as we continue to re-imagine innovative applications for leather and how it can be used to adorn more of the spaces where we live. Join us for an informative exploration on how architects and designers today are elevating their projects with leather wall applications.
Responsible Design with Wood and Paper Based Panels.
Online Learning, by Kronospan Ltd
New & Available Online
Wood and paper-based panels are used extensively in interior design, however recent innovations across all types of materials have provided the opportunity to specify products that achieve a consistent and high-quality aesthetic more sustainably. Join us for an informative exploration on how architects and designers today are able to design more responsibly with melamine-faced boards and laminates, to provide increasingly sustainable projects whilst delivering better value to clients. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- An understanding of the technical capabilities of wood and paper-based materials
- Able to understand and identify appropriate applications for the various wood and paper-based materials
- To be able to confidently specify wood and paper-based materials for suitable applications
- To have the knowledge to design inclusive and sustainable spaces for everyone to use
- To have the knowledge to consider how material selection can increase project sustainability
Specifiers Guide To Non-Combustible Decking Systems
Online Learning, by ecodek
New & Available Online
This seminar provides specifiers with a guide to non-combustible decking systems. As of November 2018, it became a legal requirement for any building materials incorporated into the envelope of a high rise building, exceeding 18 meters in height, to be non-combustible. Ecodek provide an overview of this new regulation, an overview of why to choose aluminium decking, and other considerations specifiers may wish to consider when specifiying baloncy material.
Suspended Film Technology for Insulating Glass Units
Online Learning, by Crystal Units Ltd
New & Available Online This cpd reviews thermal insulation requirements for glazing and introduces the invisible suspended film technology for insulated glass units as the new solution. It discusses the benefits of this technology and key considerations for specification. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- By incorporating an invisible suspended film within the cavity of an IGU, the glazing is thinner and lighter than traditional triple glaze units.
- The low weight characteristic enables thermal insulation without compromising on pane size and natural light.
- It offers many environmental benefits such as reduced energy consumption and carbon emission.
- The audience gains confidence in specifying the solution with the above understanding and project examples.
Understanding Blue Roofs - From design to application
Online Learning, by Optigreen Ltd
New & Available Online
Increases in our urban population, the density of urban development and the effects of climate change are all placing additional pressure on our public surface water drainage systems.
Designed and installed correctly a blue roof can provide a very successful surface water management solution for modern construction projects. This CPD session covers topics such as the principles of a blue roof, the benefits it can provide and the importance of the specification process.
Upcycled fibreboards - 100% waste fibre with no added VOCs
Upcycled fibreboard: 100% waste fibre with no added VOCs” describes the nature of this fairly new product which offers great value in improving sustainability standards of architectural projects. From this seminar you will learn the advantages of the material compared to traditional fibreboards, and most crucially, about the applied circular economy principles integrated into the manufacturing, use and end-of-cycle solutions of the product. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Learning all the characteristics and properties of the upcycled fibreboards
- Confidently specify upcycled fibreboards for upcoming projects
- Implement best practices when using upcycled fibreboards
- Understand different types of applications for upcycled fibreboards and how they are processed and installed
- Increase the sustainable profile of your architectural projects
Workplace design- Human centred workplace
Online Learning, by Wilkhahn Ltd
New & Available Online
We live in a hyper-connected world, where dependencies are complex and developments are often practically impossible to predict. The same goes for the concept development, planning and creation of new workplaces. Despite the diversity of our planet’s industries, cultures and markets, global megatrends such as digitalization, sustainability and the desire for healthy workplaces, will govern the way futureproof office environments are shaped. Societal developments and megatrends show that for the first time since the advent of industrialization, digitalization, climate change and health issues are returning the focus to human beings, who, in turn, are pivotal to the value-creation process. Expertise, commitment, creativity and social skills are the keys to managing the upcoming challenges and keeping pace with competitors. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The core challenges faced by office environments
- Aligning user requirements, office concepts and people's talents and skills
- Designing future-proof office solutions