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This handpicked selection of CPD seminars is still broadly focussed on the sustainability theme Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Aluminium Windows- Sustainability and Specification
Seminar, by Kawneer UK Ltd
Examines the options available when specifying windows for different applications.

Kawneer offers a comprehensive range of high-performance architectural aluminium building products and systems. These include unitised curtain wall solutions, 'stick' and SSG (structural silicone glazed) curtain wall products, windows, doors and framing systems. Kawneer also offers building façade design expertise which, when combined with aluminium’s flexibility and recyclability, make its building systems and products the right choice.

Kawneer has multiple facilities around the globe, including North America, south-west Europe and the Benelux. At its UK manufacturing facility in Runcorn it extrudes aluminium (incorporating thermal break technology) and applies its own finishes and paints, thus ensuring total control over product quality, lead times and distribution.
Sustainable Surface Materials: A guide to new innovations in tile production and material composition
Explores sustainability and tiles, including what the tiling industry is doing to become more sustainable, how different tiling materials play a role (focusing on recycling as well as recycled content), and advice on what questions to ask when specifying tiles for a more sustainable outcome.

For decades Parkside has been a trusted tile source to the UK contract market, helping specifiers to chose the right contemporary porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles for every type of project. Parkside’s philosophy is that each new brief deserves a thoughtful, bespoke response; every client is unique and every job different.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
The Guide to Flat Roof Refurbishment
Seminar, by Axter Ltd
Topics covered include: the importance of roof construction and maintainanc, how to proceed when things go wrong; safe roof access strategy and inspection procedures; structure, insulation and waterproofing; and, flat roof refurbishment options, including repair, overlay or replacing the existing roof covering.

Axter is a dynamic team of waterproofing design and manufacturing specialists, sharing a passion for detail, innovating beyond the ordinary and endeavouring to inspire positive change in the way roofs are designed, waterproofed and used. For over 30 years Axter has delivered excellence to its customers and worked tirelessly to reshape the future of roof waterproofing and sustainable roof design. It is recognised throughout the industry for its comprehensive waterproofing system portfolio, product quality and technical expertise.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Waterproofing Basements and Underground Structures
Online Learning, by Safeguard Europe Ltd
Focuses on ecologically sustainable waterproofing methods suitable for newbuild and refurbishment basements and underground structures. As well as options, environmental costs and sustainable alternatives it examines four standard waterproofing systems and discusses how to choose the correct system for a given construction type and location.

Safeguard Europe has been supplying waterproofing products to the UK market since 1983. Product quality, industry expertise and sustainability form the cornerstone of its business philosophy.

All Safeguard products were designed by its in-house team of development chemists to be as effective as possible. They are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management standards.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A