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Latest CPD

Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. These include both brand new and recently-revised CPD materials.
Artform Urban Furniture Limited - Materiality in the Landscape
Materiality in the Landscape
This seminar highlights the impact of nature on materials commonly used within the landscape and street furniture sector. It looks at applications for different materials relevant to the design of outdoor spaces, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Artform Urban Furniture is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design. Its mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led urban street furniture products to help landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour.
Saint-Gobain Ecophon - Psychoacoustics in the Workplace
Psychoacoustics in the Workplace
An interactive seminar that defines and explores how sound affects people in the workplace, both psychologically and physiologically (psychoacoustics). The subject material is based on the premise that good acoustic solutions promote better health and well-being.

Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group. It is a global supplier of acoustic ceiling and wall systems that contribute to good room acoustics and support a healthy indoor environment. The company focusses on offices, education, healthcare, retail and industrial manufacturing premises.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour.