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Every month we like to mix in something a little different from our issue theme. This month’s handpicked selection runs from A to C: from artificial grass and advanced carpet technology to copper press fittings and outdoor concepts, via bespoke mailboxes! Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Advanced Carpet Technology
Explores best practice guidelines, regulatory requirements and creative inspiration for the design and installation of commercial carpet. Drawing on case studies and supporting data from independent sources, it also provides practical information on product types and the very latest methodologies in carpet manufacturing technology.

Ege carpets supplies approximately seven million square metres of carpet every year, worldwide. Featuring ready-made collections, collaborations with world class designers and fully bespoke solutions, ege can service any project requirement. As a socially and environmentally focused business, its award-winning carpets are 100% cradle-to-kcradle certified.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
An Introduction to Artificial Grass
Online Learning, by Nomow Ltd
A practical guide to artificial grass, including basics such as the different types available and how, when and where each is best used, and secondary considerations such as graphics and how to integrate artificial grass into playgrounds.

Nomow is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of artificial grass. With over 30 years’ experience, its products are widely specified throughout the UK. With a life expectancy of 20 years and installations guaranteed for 10 years, Nomow is a long term, durable investment.

Duration: 30-45 minutes, plus Q&A
Bespoke mailboxes - make an entrance
Online Learning, by The Safety Letterbox Company
An inspirational look at bespoke mail and parcel boxes in multi-occupancy dwellings.
For practical reasons, mailboxes are often installed where everyone can see them. This seminar offers guidance on how to convert them into a feature or focal point. It encourages the designer to treat them as a canvas, using the huge range of available materials, configurations, colours and finishes as a palette. It introduces the concept of modular mail and parcel box units and includes practical advice on how to specify the most appropriate mailbox and/or parcel box for your project. Naturally, all examples are lavishly illustrated with case study images.

For over 30 years The Safety Letterbox Company has been supplying both the residential and commercial sectors with a versatile range of mailboxes to match every application, location and budget. Its comprehensive range of over 130 mail and parcel boxes includes fire rated, smart technology and TS009:2019 Secured by Design-compliant models. The company also offers fully bespoke solutions: turning your vision into reality. Either way, The Safety Letterbox Company will always work closely with you to fully understand the profile of your project and help create the best solution to fit your brief. High profile projects to which The Safety letterbox Company has contributed include the Battersea Power Station development, Baby Shard and Burj Khalifa.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
Outdoor Concepts: Creating the New Normal
Online Learning, by Renson Fabrications Ltd
The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on society. One positive benefit to emerge however, was the reaffirmation that linking the natural world with building design can deliver fundamental benefits to users. This is a presentaiton about improving health and wellbeing through design, by connecting inside with out. It also addresses how outdoor living can provide pre-2010 houses with better ventilated spaces, and the versatility in application of outdoor living.

Renson originates, manufactures and distributes products for low energy control of the building environment. It specialises in ventilation, integrated ventilation solutions and solar shading to reduce building cooling demands and improve comfort levels. Renson’s extensive portfolio of natural ventilation and solar shading products includes a range of self regulating, acoustic and motorised trickle vents, class A louvre blades and moveable solar shading options. All are backed by comprehensive technical data and customer support.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Re-assessing the implications of copper press-fitting as an alternative to copper brazing for building services
Online Learning, by Conex Bänninger
Copper is used for conveying hot and cold water as it offers building service engineers many proven benefits. Long service life, inherent resistance to pathogens and full recyclability make it the building owners’ and operators’ first choice. Traditional jointing methods such as solder and braze and more recent innovative techniques, such as press-fit and push fit, are commonly employed to join this versatile material. This presentation addresses the benefits of both traditional and innovative technologies and discusses the lessons one can draw from these.

Conex Bänninger is a specialist international provider of high quality fittings, valves and accessories. Since 1909, Conex Bänninger’s innovative approach has led to some landmark achievements in product design. Its product knowledge, expertise and quality standards are trusted throughout the residential, commercial, industrial, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. The company works closely with industry professionals to create cost-effective solutions and satisfy building requirements for sanitary, heating, gas, solar, compressed air and liquid gas systems – and provides support at all stages of the build cycle. As part of the IBP Group, Conex Bänninger can boast world-class manufacturing facilities, extensive research and development, and the expertise of employees based around the globe.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A