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Latest CPD materials

The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
"In the beginning" - It all starts with a raised access floor
Online Learning, by Bathgate Flooring Ltd
New & Available Online This CPD will provide an introduction to raised access floors, looking back at the history right up to best practice in regards to specification and design. It will also explore the benefits a raised floor can offer a building, through correct design and careful planning. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:
- What product to correctly specify for projects
- Components configuration
- Which specification guidance to use and where
- System selection

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
Acetylated Wood Cladding: The sustainable solution to many problems associated with timber cladding
Online Learning, by Accoya
New & Available Online
This CPD reviews the specification considerations for timber cladding and the associated issues. It introduces the acetylation process and the improved performance features of Acetylated Wood and explores how Acetylated Wood reduces the risk of problems with timber cladding and increases design scope.
Acoustic Aluminium Glazing Solutions for City Dwellings
Online Learning, by Reynaers Aluminium
New & Available Online
This CPD discusses the benefits of using aluminium sliding doors in acoustic building design. It provides an introduction to how urbanisation has led to increased noise, and explores the main effects of sound and how it works. It introduces the key features and uses of acoustic glazing and covers relevant regulations and standards specific to the product category. It also provides an insight into high performance product solutions, supported by project cases studies.
Aluminium Windows for Optimal Natural Ventilation
Online Learning, by Reynaers Aluminium
New & Available Online
This CPD reviews ventilation strategies for buildings and the benefits of natural ventilation. It discusses aluminium window systems and their key features and introduces the innovative parallel opening design. It also covers relevant regulations and standards relevant to the specification of windows.
Bi-folding & Sliding Doors for Marine & Coastal Environments
This CPD discusses the testing of bi-folding and sliding doors with regards to weather and security. It also provides information on weather in the UK and ensuring bi-folding and sliding door systems are fit for purpose in exposed and coastal locations. This CPD presentation also covers preparation of materials and components. These should all be taken into consideration when projects are in the design and planning stages.
Building energy efficiency optimisation with Low-E solar protection
Online Learning, by MERMET S.A.S.
New & Available Online
This CPD introduces the impacting criteria of screen solar shading protection and gives the smart solutions to optimize the energy efficiency of building façades.
Canopies and Entranceways
Online Learning, by Ascot Signs Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD presentation introduces and explains how architectural signage can be designed and incorporated into canopies and main entrances to private and public building across most market sectors. This will offer the building designer the opportunity to create stunning, yet functional statement features. There are certain design considerations and performance criteria to be aware of, in order that designer can confidently make a specification. This CPD will cover these aspects, supported by case studies.
Design Guide For SFS (Steel Framing Systems)
Online Learning, by Metsec (voestalpine Metsec)
New & Available Online
This seminar will look at the various SFS systems and their applications. We will review how the systems comply with
building regulations, particularly in relation to fire performance. A review of the design process will demonstrate the various stages of specification and how they assist design teams achieve their aesthetic and performance targets.
Fabricated Letters and Finishes
Online Learning, by Applelec
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an Insight into the various finishes and materials available for signs and lettering. Having a greater understanding and knowledge bank will make for better informed choices, resulting in smoother running projects and a more pleasing end result. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The different basic materials to choose from and why one over the other
- Powder coating and wet spray options and the relevance of the colour codes
- Specialist finishes to aid designs and themes
- Longevity and maintenance in the field
- The reality of the manufacturers role in the project
High Specification Bespoke Wooden Staircases for Private Houses
Online Learning, by Hetherington Newman
New & Available Online
This CPD aims to assist architects in the specification and installation of high specification bespoke wooden staircases for private houses and includes a review of the relevant building regulations, as well as a historical overview of staircase design.
Hinge Specification and Legislation
Online Learning, by SIMONSWERK UK Ltd
New & Available Online
This presentation examines the differing types of hinge on the market and their limitations. It provides a guide of the requirements a manufacturer must comply with to get legal accreditation for CE marking and fire test evidence and discusses the documents that an architect needs to ensure that the hinge fully complies with the legislation. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The differing type of knuckle and when to consider them
- The legal documentation required to protect the architect from future challenge in the event of a fire
- The information required to be sure of a correct hinge specification every time
This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
How Intelligent Key Management Helps Improve Operational Efficiency
Online Learning, by Deister Electronic (UK) Ltd
New & Available Online
We hope that delegates will learn about how Intelligent Key Management (IKM) can help improve operational efficiency, showing the benefits it provides through cost, time and security. We will also look at what IKM is and how it works and the advantages and disadvantages to such a system. Finally, we will take a look at the future of administration, not just of IKM but also other security system platforms.
Innovation in Materials, Sustainability and Systems
Online Learning, by Signbox Ltd
New & Available Online
Great sign design starts with innovation, a creative vision, and a team of collaborative thinkers. It comes to life with the best materials, exceptional finishes and cutting-edge systems. The choice of materials used within the sign design needs consideration for sustainability, this is about small actions making big differences.
Introduction To The Design & Specification of Industrial Sectional Doors
Online Learning, by SOMMER DOCO
New & Available Online
This CPD is designed to give architects and specifiers an insight in to the full possibilities and advantages of sectional overhead doors in the industrial market. We will cover the different track types, an insight in to the different operators available and an introduction to the legislation around manual and automated doors. By the end of this CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

- The different track systems available
- Available operator options
- The legislation around industrial sectional doors

‘This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
MatSafe - Compressed Gas Storage in Laboratories
Online Learning, by asecos Ltd
New & Available Online
By the end of the seminar, delegates should have a greater understanding of the dangers of compressed gas cylinders and how they can be safely integrated into the modern laboratory using BS EN standard storage cabinets. They will also be aware of:

- The current UK hazardous material legislation
- Compressed gases – classification by state of matter, the physical hazard and the health hazard
- The storage requirements and method of gas supply to a process
- Storage cabinet types - what’s available and what’s important - design features of BS EN14470-2
- How to specify appropriate storage solutions and integrate into your design stage
Office Acoustic Deisgn with an Introduction to Psychoacoustics
Online Learning, by Saint-Gobain Ecophon
New & Available Online
This CPD explores the human centered approach to solving office acoustic issues and includes an introduction to Psychoacoustics. Psychoacoustics is the science that encompasses psychological and physiological responses to sound stimulus and gives us important knowledge about how and why human beings are affected by the peculiar aspects of the office environment. This includes performance and productivity as well as issues around health, well-being and inclusion. This presentation is evidenced-based and geared toward those who wish to gain knowledge and practical insights about how office interior environments affect human beings acoustically.
Specifying Aluminium Sliding Doors
Online Learning, by Reynaers Aluminium
New & Available Online
This CPD discusses the benefits of the use of aluminium sliding doors in building design and gives an introduction to the main types of aluminium sliding doors and an overview on design considerations. It covers relevant regulations and standards specific to the product category and provides an insight into high performance product solutions, supported by project cases studies.
The Conservation Rooflight: Protecting our Nation's Heritage Buildings
Online Learning, by The Rooflight Company
This seminar will help you:
- To understand heritage buildings and their importance
- To identify which rooflight design is an appropriate solution for your project
- To understand planners’ and conservation officers’ needs
- To improve knowledge of conservation rooflights
- To understand the modern conservation rooflight

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
The Specification and Design Considerations of IPS Panels
Online Learning, by BioClad
New & Available Online
This CPD presentation is predominantly designed for architects to gain an understanding of how choosing an IPS system can offer the most suitable outcome for installing sanitary systems and the associated components as a modular unit on site.
Transforming Space with Light
Online Learning, by Lutron EA Ltd
New & Available Online
This seminar explains the use of lighting control as a design enhancement. With 'smart homes' becoming more and more desirable across residential projects, lighting controls forming a considerable part of this desire, need to be understood and planned for in designs and specifications to ensure the clients requirements are fulfilled and the infrastructure to compliment these requirements are considered.