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Sustainable architecture

The following CPD materials fall within the ‘Sustainable architecture’ RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.
Marley Ltd - Design and Specification of Western Red Cedar Shingles
Design and Specification of Western Red Cedar Shingles
Seminar, by Marley Ltd
An introduction to shingles and shakes, including advice on: legal and ethical procurement (including EU timber regs); using shingles to help meet low carbon targets; performance (including durability, treatment and lifecycle analysis); standard and blue label certification (why it’s important), and: installation and maintenance.

With 100 years of roofing expertise and heritage, Marley Eternit is one of the UK’s leading roof systems manufacturers, offering all elements of a roofing system, from clay and concrete tiles, fibre cement slates, shingles and profiled sheeting, to roofing accessories and battens, including BS5534-compliant battens.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour.
Renson Fabrications Ltd - Healthy Residential Comfort
Healthy Residential Comfort
A presentation on how to improve residential comfort standards. Examines: healthy indoor air quality using demand control and intense ventilation; controlled indoor climates based on external solar shading to avoid overheating; controlled outdoor climates using controllable outdoor solutions for both summer and winter, and; architectural unity to support good design.

Renson specialises in ventilation, sun protection and outdoor comfort. It develops systems and solutions that provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable living and working environment, while taking into account energy-efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Renson develops innovative products and systems that allow for aesthetic integration into every building and offer total solutions to make every house a healthy and comfortable home.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Eurocell plc - PVC- U Windows: The Past, The Present, The Future
PVC- U Windows: The Past, The Present, The Future
Seminar, by Eurocell plc
Examines window specification (particularly, PVC-U window specification), including issues such as value engineering, U-values, noise attenuation, sustainability and recycling. Learn how the windows market has changed over the years by looking at the past, present and future of window specification, window requirements and building regulations, and discover how PVC windows are often the best solution for specialist applications.

Eurocell plc is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, distributors and recyclers of PVC-U window, door, conservatory and roofline systems. The company has annual sales of approximately £225m and employs 1,500 people throughout the UK.

Eurocell demonstrates that by using UPVC products one can achieve the same beautiful aesthetic as aluminium and timber with a better thermal performance and using a more sustainable material.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Waverley Blinds - Solar Shading to Improve Your Environmental Credentials
Solar Shading to Improve Your Environmental Credentials
Seminar, by Waverley Blinds
An innovative and engaging seminar that uses practical demos to de-mystify the science of solar shading in a way that encourages architects to embrace solar shading solutions as a means of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and enhancing the health and well-being of their occupants.

With over 33 years’ experience in the solar shading industry, Waverley prides itself as being a shading expert. As probably the largest contract manufacturer and installer of window blinds, Waverley is one of the few companies that manages projects throughout the entire process – from design and specification through to production, installation and final commissioning.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Selectaglaze Ltd - Spotlight Blog
Spotlight Blog
Online Learning, by Selectaglaze Ltd
A blog featuring technical and industry-specific information to help architects effectively specify secondary glazing. Three of the blog’s categories constitute RIBA-approved CPD material: The Built Environment, Secondary Glazing in Practice and Treat of the Month.

Founded in 1966 and granted a Royal Warrant in 2004, Selectaglaze is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of secondary glazing systems. Its units are a reversible adaptation, so are widely accepted for use in listed buildings as well as new builds.

Selectaglaze has a wide range of proprietary standard secondary glazing solutions, featuring enhanced security options.

Approximate reading time: 10-15 minutes.