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The following CPD materials have all been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Sustainable Savings: Washroom Solutions for High-Performance Buildings
This CPD seminar explores issues in sustainability and materials sourcing as they relate to commercial washrooms and contribute to high-performance buildings. It reviews washroom sustainability on several levels, including energy, water and consumable products such as paper, soap and plastics, operational and maintenance costs, lifecycle cost, and recent technological advances that can improve conservation in the washroom.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, founded in 1906, is a world-renowned manufacturer of stainless steel washroom accessories with distribution in more than 100 countries. Its products are widely used in all building types, including airports, office buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, museums and other public places. Architects select Bobrick’s performance-engineered washroom accessories with confidence, secure in the knowledge that Bobrick delivers design excellence, code compliance, sustainability and economical cost-in-use.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
The White Book Health Sector Guide: The Comprehensive Specification Guide to Healthcare Environments
Literature, by British Gypsum
A guide that makes specifying for healthcare buildings easier. It covers the critical regulations and guidance that designers need to consider, and discusses systems and products that have been proven for use in health facilities. It also provides extensive guidance on the application of HTM 08-01, the recently-introduced guidance on acoustics in health care buildings, taking the reader through the background theory and the practical application of the guidance which is a key driver to the design and specification of systems in a healthcare building.

British Gypsum is a credible source of knowledge across the building sector, a trusted advisor working closely with many within the supply chain delivering the UK’s building projects.

Approximate reading time: 40 minutes.
TigerTurf Blog on Synthetic Grass
Online Learning, by TigerTurf (UK) Ltd
A blog aimed at architects who use, or are interested in using, synthetic grass for sports, landscape and leisure projects. Each month, several posts are published based on relevant themes, including key industry developments, installation and maintenance guidance, specific application information, and advice from partners and other organisations within the industry.

Founded in 2000, TigerTurf UK designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of artificial turf for sport, landscape and leisure applications from its Worcestershire-based factory. It is a major supplier to the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Approximate reading time: 15-30 minutes per month.