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Design, construction and technology

The following RIBA-approved CPD materials fall within the ‘Design, construction and technology’ RIBA Core Curriculum topic. The RIBA CPD Core Curriculum is accompanied by an extensive CPD primer, which provides context for each of the ten topics and acts as a suggested framework of target issues for each topic. Many seminars are now available online using Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams etc. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Addressing the Performance Gap Using Reflective Insulation
A discussion on the issues that cause the performance gap and how reflective insulation systems can help overcome this industry-wide problem. Also tackles why buildings don’t perform as predicted at the design stage, important criteria when selecting construction systems, and applied construction build-ups and case studies.
For 35 years, ACTIS has been developing effective insulation products and insulation solutions. ACTIS specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative building insulation products for roofs, walls, lofts and floors, and offers comprehensive, easy-to-install, cost-effective systems ideal for both refurbishment and new build.
Seminars are run at 1pm on the second Thursday of every month.

Duration, excluding Q&A: one hour
Evolution to Innovation: Fixing of Warms Roofs
A comprehensive examination of flat 'warm' roofs, including their pros and cons, design and site considerations, a comparison between mechanical fixed and adhered systems, field fastened systems, standards, guidelines and warranties.

SFS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon and stainless-steel fastener components for the building envelope, as well as innovative rainscreen sub-frame systems, high performance door hinges and award-winning fall protection systems. With annual sales in excess of £1.4bn, SFS may have a Swiss HQ, but also has a base in Leeds (and has had, for over 100 years), and offices in Welwyn Garden City.
Harnessing the Sun: Solar Shading
Explores the importance of effective solar shading and the benefits it can bring to buildings and their occupants. From Le Corbusier’s philosophy on sunlight in architectural design to essential solar shading considerations, such as building regulations, crucial design concerns, key daylight and ventilation strategies, and important aesthetic and maintenance insights, this seminar demonstrates how a well thought out combination of basic and intensive ventilation, and external solar shading, provides the optimum indoor environment.

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control gives special consideration to health-related issues when developing new natural ventilation and solar shading brise soleil systems. The wide variety of air terminals and architectural external solar shading systems it offers guarantees a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Whether for residential buildings, offices, schools or care institutions, Duco offers innovative and all-inclusive solutions with health as a prime benefit.

Duration, excluding Q&A: 45 minutes
Specifying Tiling to Underfloor Heating Systems
Heated tiled floors are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a cost-effective, fuel-efficient heat source for rooms. The type of tile and installation products used needs to be carefully considered when designing and specifying heated tiled floors. This seminar offers guidance on how to select the appropriate combination of tile, adhesive and underfloor heating system build-up.

Instarmac Group is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of cement and bitumen-based products. It has been a global supplier for over 40 years. Instarmac’s reputation was built on the research, development and manufacture of innovative materials for use in highway maintenance, urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing. The company is committed to delivering high specification products and systems that ensure excellent standards of quality and resilience.

Duration, excluding Q&A: one hour
Using Underfloor Heating Effectively
Seminar, by OMNIE
This seminar provides an introduction to underfloor heating. It compares it with radiator systems before discussing energy efficiencies and installation options.

OMNIE manufactures, designs and supplies a range of heating and ventilation systems. By integrating underfloor heating, heat pump and MVHR, OMNIE simplifies the design and installation process, improves home comfort, reduces running costs and is more environmentally friendly. All of the technologies can be controlled from the holistic network controls.