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The following CPD material has been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
McCue International - Achieving Excellent Asset Protection
Achieving Excellent Asset Protection
Increasingly, architects 'build-in' asset protection to facilities because important equipment should always be protected, walkways clearly marked, pedestrians safely segregated from moving vehicles and infrastructure (such as walls, doorways and columns) appropriately guarded. Heavy-duty polypropylene barriers have the inherent strength of steel, but also flex and absorb impact forces, protecting people and property while saving huge costs on maintenance.

For 30 years McCue has been at the forefront of asset protection in the workplace, safeguarding people and equipment across a host of different industries. McCue’s armoury of safety products and flexible polypropylene barriers not only protects businesses and facilities, but also rewards end-users with huge cost savings on maintenance, improved productivity and a generally pleasing aesthetic.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 15 minutes.
Millboard Company Ltd, The - Live Life Outside: Resin Mineral Board Outdoor Flooring, Design and Installation
Live Life Outside: Resin Mineral Board Outdoor Flooring, Design and Installation
Considers the case for resin mineral board as a high-quality decking material. Also looks at the desired attributes of outside flooring, applicable regulations, and technical and structural requirements. The merits and disadvantages of wood, wood/plastic composites and resin mineral board, including their respective environmental impacts, are also compared.

Millboard was founded with the idea of fixing a problem: that for all its beauty, timber decking has inherent flaws. After years of research, the company launched its unique moulded decking, which retains an authentic wood look but outperforms timber on all significant measures. Millboard decks now adorn many up-market homes and commercial sites (including the world’s only 7-star hotel).

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour.