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The following CPD materials have all been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Michael Grubb Studio - Inspired by Light
Inspired by Light
Light defines the spaces we use, depicts the stories we tell and affects our well-being. This lighting seminar looks at how one can deliver innovative and creative solutions that address the way we perceive buildings, structures, brands, environments – and how we interact with them. In short, it examines how light can be used to inspire, enhance and even educate.

Michael Grubb Studio is a creative lighting design consultancy that is defined by engagement with the client, place and brand. The studio offers consultancy, strategy, design and creative services in all areas of lighting design, including master planning, public realm, retail and leisure, exterior, interior, exhibition, heritage and light-art installations.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Cooledge Lighting Inc. - Luminous Surfaces in Architecture
Luminous Surfaces in Architecture
This CPD presentation covers the different aspects of luminous surfaces in architecture by presenting an overview of application and design requirements and technological options. It also discusses various ways of integrating lighting and surface materials. All subjects are supported by case studies to bring a dynamic and visual approach to the subject of luminous surfaces in architecture.

Cooledge is a leading provider of luminous surface products for architectural design. The company deploys proprietary lighting technologies that transform traditional lighting approaches (confined to lamps and luminaires) into a seamless integration with all forms and scales of building.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.