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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
New & Available Online
This CPD discusses the options and benefits surrounding sensor sanitaryware solutions. With water consumption at the highest it has ever been, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be a 40% shortage of water in the UK. Switching to sensor sanitaryware systems can help significantly bring down water wastage and promote water efficiency. This coupled with the hygiene benefits of offering no touch washroom solutions and the financial savings to be gained, really bring sensor solutions to the forefront of design.
Seminar, by Tata Steel
The CPD will provide the attendee an overview of the drivers and background for renewable energy systems and their integration into the building design
The CPD outlines the key performance criteria for PV systems and transpired solar collectors which are the technologies most suitable for integration into the building envelope
The presentation briefly covers ground source heat pumps and their effect on Part L compliance and their impact on other technologies. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The background and development of PV and TSC technologies
- The main performance criteria for TSC and PV technologies
- The building design implications of installing PV and TSC technologies
- How renewable technologies and ground source heat pumps interact and can be combined as a Part L compliance strategy
Online Learning, by Schueco UK Ltd
New & Available Online
This semianr is an introduction into building movement. How you can accommodate building sway and slab deflection within curtain walling systems.

We will be taking a look into the different types of movement that occurs and some specific details of how these challenges are overcome.

Finally we will take a look into the industry standards, test methods and supporting information that help deliver better building envelopes.
Seminar, by Philip Payne Ltd
New & Available Online
Phillip Payne offers a professional CPD presentation entitled” Compliant Emergency Lighting - In Accordance with CIBSE LG12”. The presentation is non-sales based and is intended to disseminate knowledge and best lighting practices.

Emergency Lighting and Signage present a number of challenges for the designer, the installer and the end-user. This presentation considers how design requirements may vary between different types of buildings, the needs of specific users and the issues raised by the current legislative requirements.
Seminar, by Lignacite Ltd
This CPD and factory tour provide an understanding of the use of concrete blocks to meet the performance criteria of current regulations.
New & Available Online
This seminar will show how Fire Curtains have the wonderful inherent characteristic to be designed out of sight, thus enabling the architect to create beautiful open spaces whilst maintaining fire compartmentation requirements and create safe escape routes in the event of fire.

You will learn more about the basics of a fire curtain, through to applications and the best fire safety design features available on the market today to ensure your project stands out in every way and detail.

Also learn how you can control and stop the spread of smoke with fire curtains, and what is the best maintenance design for your client's long-term benefits. Learn about the regulations and standards that apply to fire curtains.
This CPD covers the impact of aging and dementia, the context, the symptoms and impairments, design related problems in relation to flooring, inclusive design principles. Colour and the ageing eye, colour and contrast.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What dementia is
- Demetia related issues
- What design features may contribute to tackling dementia issues
- What are the dementia friendly design principles?
- What to consider in dementia friendly flooring design?
Seminar, by Abloy UK
New & Available Online
This CPD introduces the concept of electrically controlling escape doors for security and safety and explains the regulatory and best practice requirements on how to achieve safe electrical blocking of escape route doors. It explains the relevant performance standards applicable to mechanical and electro-mechanical escape locking hardware and exit systems for use on escape route doors, their relevance and interaction with current UK building regulations, UK Construction Products Regulation and current industry best practices. The CPD will provide a general overview of the design parameters and considerations for the use of exit systems, explanation of delayed egress and how these can be applied safely covering both basic standalone and multi door applications.

A delegate will gain an understanding of the options available to manage access and egress through escape doors, which performance standards and regulations apply, how they interact with other built environment standards and how to select the appropriate solution to achieve the required functionality.
Seminar, by Rockpanel
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an insight into stone wool cladding, how it's made, and the benefits of applying ventilated facades for new builds and renovation.
The CPD focuses on the areas of regulatory compliance in regards to current fire safety regulations in the UK in connection with the use of non-combustible material in building construction in relation to the external walls. It provides an insight into how non-combustibility is achieved in this product, which is explained through the testing procedures and it demonstrates how the product meets a certain safety-level as set out in current regulations. Sustainability is also a topic which is included. The CPD also explains types of application from education, healthcare, high-rise and commercial structures with guidance on various installation methods and maintenance guidance.
Seminar, by WoodBlocX Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD session covers the main advantages and challenges of utilising modular timber systems for landscape projects.

Through a detailed interrogation of recent case studies, the attendees will learn the basic knowledge of specifying sustainable modular timber options, requirements for fire rated Street Furniture and rooftop furniture and regulations for rooftop guarding as well as considerations for accessible design with modular systems. They will also learn the best practice for filling and lining planters as well as the basic installation process of the system.
Seminar, by Barrisol
Innovative HVAC ceiling systems provide outstanding opportunities for comfort, wellbeing and aesthetics. HVAC ceiling solutions combine a stretch ceiling with air conditioning systems. These solutions supply a unique combination enhancing Indoor Air Quality in a large scope of building configurations.

These solutions also allow the technical components to be hidden by the ceiling, generate a constant and uniform temperature, with no draughts, and ensure high acoustic comfort. HVAC ceiling solutions provide Class A+ for Indoor Air Quality with high efficiency air renewal and savings on energy consumption.

These HVAC ceiling solutions can also be upgraded with UV lamps to disinfect the air from bacteria and viruses. Modular HVAC ceiling units help provide air conditioning, light and acoustic comfort to a room via a suspended island, automatically adapting the unit diffusion flow according to the temperature of the air blown. The fan coil can also be integrated in a decorative platform fitted with lateral diffusion outlets.
New & Available Online
This CPD provides a review on fibre cement cladding and the utilisation of large format fibre cement panels as safe and enduring façade systems.
Seminar, by Vectorworks UK Ltd
Energy and climate crisis pose big questions to Architects and in order to start answering them, knowledge about some of the most used terminology and concepts of sustainable architecture is necessary to deliver quality designs.

This CPD will go through project lifecycle stages and whole lifecycle carbon assessments, operational and embodied carbon, before focusing on operational energy basics.

It will explain ideas such as form factor, building envelope, U-Values, thermal conductivity, solar heat gains, shading, thermal bridging, airtightness, Part L Building Regulations and benchmarks such as RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge. Demistyfying these concepts and understanding how to apply them in practice will lead to greater adoption of sustainable principles in architectural projects, leading towards a net zero future.
Seminar, by Klasse Group Ltd
New & Available Online
There are many choices when it comes to the selection of sheathing boards used in external walls.

This CPD will guide you through the impacts those choices can have on how your project meets the performance and compliance challenges facing the modern built environment. Following the Grenfell Disaster in 2017 fire regulations have arguably never been more in the spotlight. Material selection and specification is integral to a robust fire strategy. High quality build specifications and material choices can not only minimise building damage but can also save lives.

We need to be mindful of not compromising other essential element of design and functionality of any building. If external sheathing products are chosen carefully, they can help to ensure that buildings will be easier to construct, safe and sustainable.
Seminar, by BMI Group UK Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD takes the audience through how they can achieve quality without compromise for their clients on their flat roofing projects. Covering all elements of a refurbishment project including problem solving, mitigating risks and ensuring the project achieves quality without compromise.

The CPD has been structured into 3 areas - Design it, Built it and Live it.
Comprehensive seminar exploring the benefits of using an epoxy resin rather than traditional repair methods for decayed timbers i.e., windows, doors etc
Seminar, by Fakro GB Ltd
New & Available Online
Book this CPD to gain an understanding of the key features and considerations when specifying roof windows and rooflights.

During the CPD session, we will cover:

Types of roof window
Safety and security in roof windows
Relevant certification
Ventilation and glazing
Thermal performance
Super energy-efficient windows
Flashing kits
New & Available Online
This CPD gives an introduction to room acoustic design focusing on the relationship between good room acoustics and the comfort of people who use the space. The seminar discusses typical acoustic challenges found in room design and offers solutions based on avoiding or combating them utilizing ceiling and wall panel products and features that add an interesting design element to a space. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How good room acoustic design focuses on three strands, the people, the activity and the space
noise affects our perception of a space
- How and why noise affects people's perception of a room
- How the design of a room affects the sound environment, and be able to change design to affect this
- How materials can be used to improve the room acoustics
- Acoustic solutions that can also be be a design feature
New & Available Online
This CPD will offer advice on helping to safeguard vulnerable users of washrooms in mental health facilities. Washrooms by their nature are private spaces and often used unsupervised to maintain patient dignity, therefore, every effort needs to be taken to make these spaces safe, and prevent users from self-harm with fixtures and fittings that are designed to prevent a ligature being attached.

This seminar identifies the risks, the design guidance available and how anti-ligature dispensers work.
Seminar, by Lecico Bathrooms
New & Available Online
The CPD presentation addresses the issue of water scarcity and looks at how water is used in commercial buildings with an overview of current legislation and best practice.

This CPD will then highlight how to make water savings using a range of water-efficient products and offers insights into the financial, carbon, and CSR benefits in reducing water usage in commercial buildings.
Seminar, by EFFISUS
New & Available Online
This short presentation aims to provide an overview of the impact air barrier has on the overall sustainability of building envelopes and user comfort. And bring awareness to various international codes and standards of the importance of continuous air barrier and their impact on the building envelope
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