RIBA CPD Showcase

April 2023 overview

RIBA CPD Showcase from the RIBA CPD Providers Network

Our theme this month – finishes – covers such a broad range of topics that we’ve added a sub-genre in the form of designing for dementia. It can be easy to overlook the sensory impact that colour and texture choices can have on those with visual, physical or mental impairments. By highlighting the needs of this group (dementia affects nearly 950,000 people in the UK alone) we’re flagging the significance of finishes beyond aesthetics.

All materials featured here have been created by members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, a group of construction industry manufacturers and service providers committed to sharing knowledge and best practice. All materials have been checked for quality and accuracy by chartered architects with a technical background. Only then were they granted ‘RIBA approved’ status, along with the right to carry the distinctive RIBA CPD Providers Network logo.