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Sustainable architecture

The following RIBA-approved CPD materials fall within the ‘Sustainable architecture’ RIBA core curriculum topic, which covers the legal and regulatory basis (including primary and secondary legislation) and principles of climate change mitigation and adaptation. It also covers low carbon and low energy design, over the lifecycle of a building, with effective client briefing and management. Your annual CPD requirement can be structured or informal, and come from any source, but only materials found on this website have been RIBA assessed and approved. Many seminars are now available online using Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams etc. This is not always shown so, if a seminar is of interest to you, please click on the link and check.
Explores the benefits of liquid-applied, airtight membranes and how they can be used by main developers, house builders and contractors to achieve better airtightness. Also examines current solutions and technologies for achieving airtightness, together with a balanced overview of their pros and cons.

Intelligent Membranes is home to the next generation of liquid applied membranes for vapour control, airtightness, safety and protection.

Duration: 24 minutes, plus Q&A
A practical guide that includes advice on: how to use different light sources, including the latest energy efficient products; the latest (and most relevant) building regulations; where to position fittings for optimum effect; how to layer light for added interest and impact; and, circuiting, control and integration.

John Cullen Lighting has been an architectural lighting specialist for over 40 years. The company offers a complete service, covering all aspects of interior and exterior lighting from the contemporary to the traditional. Its internationally-acclaimed, discreet LED fittings provide clients, designers and architects with the tools to deliver outstanding lighting in all settings, from residential to hospitality, landscape or superyacht. All are designed in-house. Indeed, its design team will help you to achieve the best lighting design for your project including (if required) a bespoke lighting design service covering full plan and specification for anything from a single room to an entire building. The John Cullen unique product collection includes recessed downlights, spotlights, uplights, wall lights, step lights, bathroom lights, shelf and picture lighting, lighting artwork and garden and exterior lighting.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Aluprof UK
Looks at the different options available when specifying thermal insulation of aluminium fenestration framing systems. Covers: the history and importance of thermal insulation of aluminium profiles and what insulation materials are used where; current Building Regulations requirements; the importance of profile design; methods of insulation calculation and what to look for in the results; the importance of glazed unit specification and the choices available; the effects of solar energy on insulation; the importance of the thermal interface with the building envelope and how to reduce the effects of cold bridging between frame and structure; condensation and how to avoid it occurring; and, how to maximise BREAAM points via fenestration specification.

Aluprof is one of the UK’s leading façade system suppliers, with an extensive range of architectural glazing solutions. Aluprof's aluminium doors and windows meet or exceed the highest industry standards for weather performance and thermal insulation. Innovative and thermally efficient aluminium curtain wall systems comply with the aesthetic requirements of modern architecture and provide contemporary and bespoke façade solutions for buildings of every kind. The extensive range of Aluprof products is complimented by aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling offering both Passive House glazing system certification and fire rated options in EI classifications of 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Through its nationwide network of authorised and approved dealers and fabricators, and supported by a UK-based team of experienced specialists, Aluprof offers clients an ongoing, dedicated and professional service.

Duration: 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Lutron EA Ltd
Explores lighting control in office spaces, including the economic and social motivators for lighting control in offices, identifying key spaces, and how total light management benefits everyone. Light is very powerful. The correct balance of sunlight (and resulting glare) and electric light improves both comfort and energy efficiency.

Lutron is a leader in the lighting control industry, offering a wide selection of energy saving dimmers, smart control and shading solutions for residential and commercial projects. Lutron’s product portfolio includes automated roller blinds, curtain tracks, venetian blinds, roman blinds and skylight solutions, as well as a huge choice of hardware and communication configurations, such as wired, wireless and battery powered. Its smart residential and commercial solutions for the integrated control of daylight and electrical light meanwhile, save energy and create beautiful, sustainable and future-proof buildings.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
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