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Our selection of hand-picked presentations this month is full of a range of topics. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Advantages of WPC LVT Flooring
Online Learning, by PRO-TEK
An overview of WPC flooring. Includes a comparison with both traditional and other modern flooring types, information on how WPC flooring is constructed and the benefits of WPC LVT flooring, where to use it in residential and commercial applications, and how to specify WPC LVT flooring.

PRO-TEK was established in London in 1993, as an importer of wood and laminate products. Prior to the launch of its WPC, the PRO-TEK team spent two years researching and developing the new product range; a range which it hoped would transform customers’ understanding of WPC flooring and accessories and enable them to experience something truly innovative.
Fast Track Screeds
Seminar, by Mapei (UK) Ltd
Prepared by a Dubai-based office, this presentation focusses on use of screeds in the Middle East. It covers different screed types, including bonded, unbonded and floating, as well as standards governing screeds, performance criteria, construction techniques, the effects of moisture within sub-floors and the differences between normal and fast track screeds.

Founded in 1937, Mapei is a world-leading manufacturer of adhesives and chemical building products, and a specialist in the production of adhesives and preparation products for the installation of wall and floor coverings. Its extensive range includes products for the preparation of all types of substrates used in construction: Surface membranes, levelling compounds, primers, waterproofing, ready mixed mortars, special products for the repair of concrete, admixtures for mortar and concrete, and adhesives for floor and wall coverings are all included.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
How and When to Use 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Pavers
Article, by Panariagroup
Its physical characteristics and ease of installation, both with or without adhesive (dry installation on grass, gravel, or elevated floors), make 20mm thick porcelain tiles an interesting alternative for the external paving of public and residential areas, such as urban spaces, pavements, garden paths, car parks, terraces, swimming pool borders, bathing facilities, parks and much more.

This presentation describes the circumstances where 20mm outdoor porcelain pavers are the ideal choice.

Succeeding in the world of ceramics means knowing how to create tiles with a high technological content and decorate them with the utmost attention to detail. To best satisfy tastes in a demanding market, Panariagroup applies its formula of excellence, combined with historic craftsmanship and an avant-garde attitude.

Approximate reading time: 10 minutes
Kitchen Design: Back to Basics
Online Learning, by Symphony Group
What are the basic elements that customers demand of a kitchen? And what are the most popular requirements over and above that? This interactive webinar covers these points and more, including: existing standards and regulations applicable to kitchen design; the specific sizes of those elements that satisfy our minimum requirements; how to ensure that sufficient allowance is made to accommodate a fully functioning kitchen; and, how to improve kitchen space efficiency in residential properties.

Symphony is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of kitchen furniture with a turnover of over £280m and more than 1,700 employees. Symphony's Skyline team is experienced in designing and delivering the latest kitchen trends in high-rise urban developments, all supported by Symphony’s renowned customer service.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Lead: Uniquely Recycled for a Better Informed Decision
Seminar, by Envirolead
An introduction to recycling and manufacturing of rolled lead sheet and DM cast lead that includes a brief history of lead and its historic and modern uses, restoration and new build applications. It also covers the recycling processes and green credentials of lead, information and support available from lead contractors and installers, details of insurance backed product and workmanship guarantees, and advice on avoiding theft.

Envirolead is an Associated Lead Mills branded lead sheet manufactured to the highest British standard (BS EN 12588: 2006) in accordance with British and European norms for the construction industry. This is the only branded lead sheet available to the UK market, and therefore makes Envirolead highly sought-after.
Specifying Physical Entrance Security
Online Learning, by Meesons A I Ltd
A look at the specification of physical entrance security, from the perimeter of a site to the building façade and through to its internal zones. Includes guidance on: key security considerations for perimeter, façade and internal entrance control; solutions available and their associated advantages and disadvantages; their methods of operation; relevant security standards; and, installation considerations.

Meesons has over 150 years’ expertise in the UK security industry and is both recognised and trusted as an innovator in tailgating solutions. Meesons is the provider of choice for high security entrance control systems.

Duration: 45-50 minutes, plus Q&A
Sustainable-Sourced Freestanding Wooden Furniture in Mass Production: Case Study of a Chair by Patricia Urquiola
Online Learning, by Andreu World
An overview of sustainable wooden furniture production based on a case study of a chair by Patricia Urquiola. Topics covered include sustainable furniture design and supply from mass production, available woods and qualities, CNC production fabricating process, finishing processes, and testing techniques and concepts.

Manufacturing sustainable and smart designs in chairs and tables for all kind of habitat: residential, workspaces, home office, corporate, installation, hospitality and outdoor. For over 65 years innovating in the manufacturing process of furniture, combining craftsmanship work with the new technologies and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Duration: 30 minutes, plus Q&A