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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Urban Front Ltd - Door Couture: A Unique Perspective on Contemporary Door Design
Door Couture: A Unique Perspective on Contemporary Door Design
Literature, by Urban Front Ltd
An inspirational journey into the art and science of door design that combines stunning photography with key facts for those with a deeper interest in architecture. From door handles to materials, colour to placement – no element is left unexplored. Architects and door enthusiasts alike can delve into the intricate details and key considerations behind successful door design.
Urban Front is a contemporary door specialist and an innovative, family business run by a young team of designers and expert craftsmen. With a design-led philosophy, UK-based Urban Front handcrafts exclusive beautiful and natural hardwood doors for customers around the globe.
Urban Front doors are high security, steel reinforced, and available as pivot or hinged, Passive House certified and Secure by Design, with matching internal doors and external garage door options.
Approximate number of pages: 256 pages
Mumford & Wood Ltd - Growing Our Low-Carbon Economy
Growing Our Low-Carbon Economy
Article, by Mumford & Wood Ltd
Based on an original presentation created by Iain McIllwee and David Hopkins for the Timber Industry Accord Manifesto, this article looks at the value of timber in achieving a sustainable solution to a low-carbon economy via jobs, vocational training, manufacturing and competitiveness. Discover more about: expanding the use of wood based products to grow a low-carbon economy; wood based products as a source of sustainable jobs and growth, including vocational training, rewarding low-energy manufacturing and keeping costs competitive; the vital role of wood based products in zero carbon solutions for building new homes; the need for clearer regulation and enforcement and consideration of the full carbon impact of building projects; wood based products as the natural choice for health and wellbeing; reward management and the expansion of woodlands, and; drivers for the understanding of the important role that forests play in society.
For over 60 years Mumford & Wood has been a market leader, working on prestigious projects nationwide. Its state-of-the-art Tiptree manufacturing facility and specialist machinery is operated by highly skilled professionals. Factory tours are conducted by experienced staff whose knowledge base enables them to describe every stage in great detail.
Approximate reading time: approximately 20 minutes
Resdev Ltd - Guide to the Selection of Synthetic Resin Flooring Systems Using BS 8204- 6
Guide to the Selection of Synthetic Resin Flooring Systems Using BS 8204- 6
Seminar, by Resdev Ltd
BSEN1504-2:2004 is the European standard for products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. This practical seminar addresses the definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity of synthetic resin flooring systems.
Resdev is a UK-based resin supplier with almost 50 years’ experience while its track record in car park waterproofing goes back almost twenty years.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Graepel Perforators Ltd. - Perforated Metal: The Hole Story
Perforated Metal: The Hole Story
A concise and clear presentation that looks at the additional processing of metal, the functional and aesthetical aspects, drawings specifications and design, issues and limitations and BS standards. The objective of the CPD is to help develop an awareness of additional manufacturing processes, understand current technologies used within the industry, share specialist knowledge of bespoke and standard perforated installations, discuss design considerations and provide an understanding of the materials, issues and limitations of perforated metal.
Graepels is a family-run company that specialises in engineered metal products for a huge range of industries and applications, including the architectural, construction and engineering sectors. It has almost 60 years’ specialist experience, spanning materials, technology, tooling and machinery. Graepels understands the level of detail and planning involved in construction projects, and works hard to ensure that its products are manufactured to exact specifications and requirements – turning your vision into reality.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour
Zehnder UK - Radiant Conditioning
Radiant Conditioning
Seminar, by Zehnder UK
The issue of cooling is more important now than ever, as buildings experience heating issues such as humidity, overheating and solar shading, all of which impact on the wellbeing of occupants. This seminar explores the different cooling solutions available, including their capabilities and limitations, and the benefits of using integrated, aesthetically pleasing radiant conditioning solutions. Good practice in system design is also discussed, as well as the application of conditioning solutions in various building types.
Heating, cooling, fresh and clean air; at Zehnder, you will find everything you need for comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. Zehnder’s wide and clearly structured portfolio offers the best product choice, whether for new build, renovation, domestic or commercial projects.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Bushboard Limited - The Changing Face of Performance Wall Surfaces as an Alternative to Tiles
The Changing Face of Performance Wall Surfaces as an Alternative to Tiles
Seminar, by Bushboard Limited
Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using high-pressure decorative laminate and acrylic panelling as an alternative to tiled surfaces, taking into consideration installation, maintenance and aesthetics.
Bushboard is part of Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces, a highly successful global organisation and world leader in decorative surface manufacturing and distribution. Driven by its mission to create innovative high-performance surfaces that people love, Bushboard’s delivers unequalled décor and surface textures.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes