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RIBA Core Curriculum: Designing & building it

The following CPD materials fall within the ‘Designing and building it – structural design, construction, technology and engineering’ RIBA Core Curriculum topic area.
Making Brick Work
Seminar, by James Mossman Ltd
This seminar helps put a very traditional material into the modern context. Topics covered include: the aesthetics of brickwork; colour, texture and design detail using brickwork; understanding brickwork manufacture; its technical properties, and; basic aspects of brickwork workmanship.

James Mossman is based in Leicestershire but operates throughout the country, developing links with architectural practices. As a brick factor, the company offers a complete range of facing bricks to specifiers to suit every aesthetic requirement and budget. It also provides technical advice on product selection and appropriate application.

James Mossman has a unique (mobile) sampling service, and forms a vital link between manufacturers and the supply chain to site. Ultimately, it wants to help you achieve your design aspirations.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes.
Sheathing, backing and other specialist building boards
A guide to fibrous materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rain screen façades, covering factors that the architect needs to consider, details of fire and moisture resistance, an in-depth examination of board compositions and relative material benefits, board applications and suitability, and work on site.

RCM is a specialist in cement-based building boards, providing a solution for all structural applications. Established in 2004, RCM is a major supplier of complete through wall solutions. Supplying specialist building boards, façades, breather membranes and airtightness solutions, RCM offers a fully integrated approach to the building envelope; specifying and providing products to the correct specification.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 35 minutes.