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4 West Bank Road

Harbour Industrial Estate
Co Antrim
Sean Moohan
Tel +44 (0)28 9077 4000 Overview
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Larsen Building Products


Larsen Building Products, as part of the Larsen group of companies, has been manufacturing quality building products since establishment in 1975. Larsen has now grown to become a market leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of products for the construction industry.

CPD Material (5)

Multiple CPD formats
The ECO BS 7533 Paving Mortar System - Changing Tomorrow Today
A detailed look at paving mortar for the public realm in line with BS 7533, how an eco mortar option can lead to a significant reduction in carbon, quantified by trees grown over a 10 year period, or not driving a car calculated in miles not driven. Traffic categories, pavement layers (the build up) & impregnating sealers will also feature.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
The Natural Choice for Natural Stone Mortar
This seminar will look at:
- BS 7533
- Pavement Build up
- Compliance & Non-Compliance
- The Mortar System
- Success Stories

BS7533 mortar in the Public Realm-Selecting the combinations of bedding mortar, priming and jointing material to suit your project through identification of key specification and successful application tips.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Multiple CPD formats
Dry Mortar Technology Factory Tour
This tour will provide architects with a clear understanding of dry mortar technology and awareness of the issues to be considered in design and specification, and how they may benefit from the advantages of dry mortar technology in future projects.

- To introduce modern methods of production of pre-mixed dry mortars
- To demonstrate the level of control, reproducibility and reliability offered by factory production methods
- Raise awareness of the benefits of factory controlled premixed dry mortars for clients, architects, specifiers and contractors

This half day introductory seminar and factory tour of Larsen Building Products takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Factory Visit
Material type: Seminar


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