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1 Trafford Wharf Road

Trafford Park
M17 1BY
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Tel +44 (0)800 886100 Overview
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Hilti (Gt Britain) Ltd


Manufacturer of fire stopping products. Hilti are committed to excellence in innovation, total quality, direct customer relationships and effective marketing.
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Hilti Passive Firestop CPD
By attending this CPD you would gain knowledge on:
- Understanding the need for firestop in buildings and why they are fire stopped
- Current regulations & changes in legislation since Grenfell
- Key takeaways from the Building Safe Act 2022 & implementation timeline.
- Firestop testing and the principles of BS En standards
- Best practice for designing firestop with early engagement
- Considerations for M&E supports in line with regulations & testing
- Considering structural movement with firestop in mind
- How Hilti can support with firestop & MEP design for compliance.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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