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Carla Stanton
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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Galvanizers Association are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Galvanizers Association

Galvanizers Association


Galvanizers Association (GA) has provided authoritative information and advice on hot dip galvanizing to users and potential users since it was first established in 1949. It is the representational body for the hot dip galvanizing industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. For many years, the company's advice and information has been used to educate and inform professionals within the construction industry. Hot dip galvanizing makes a vital contribution to the sustainable growth of the economy, protecting the huge investment provided by industry across a wide range of sectors year-on-year.

CPD Material (5)

Factory Visit
Tour of Galvanizers Plants: Galvanizing Industry Open Day, 12th September 2017
Tours are offered at various locations across the UK and Ireland as part of the Galvanizing Industry Open Day on 12th September 2017. Contact the Galvanizers Association to book a tour and follow the production process where steelwork is coated with zinc. Plant visits give specifiers and fabricators an opportunity to learn how to extend and improve their use of galvanizing. The tour will take approximately 2 hours and will help attendees to:
- Understand the hot dip galvanizing process, handling, cleaning and galvanizing steelwork coming into the plant
- Understand issues around quality control, sustainability and the recycling of heat and waste
- Make more informed corrosion protection decisions
Knowledge level:
Detailed Knowledge
Material type: Factory Visit
Galvanizing and Sustainable Construction
What is sustainability?
- Sustainable aspects of galvanizing: carbon footprint, recycling and durability
- The benefits of zinc and steel
- Case studies: Life Cycle Analysis
Material type: Seminar
The Engineers' and Architects' Guide to Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts and Bolts
The literature is the engineers' and architects' guide to hot dip galvanized nuts and bolts.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Literature
The Engineers' and Architects' Guide: Hot Dip Galvanizing
The literature is designed to help develop the most effective, practical and economic solutions to corrosion prevention.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Literature
Corrosion Protection of Steel by Hot Dip Galvanizing
Introduction to hot dip galvanizing
- The galvanizing process
- Coating characteristics and performance
- Designing for the process
- Sustainability
- Project library
Material type: Seminar