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Westgate Global are market leaders in specialised industrial partitioning. Our innovative and practical solutions enable tall buildings, such as factories and warehouses to implement walling and curtain systems quickly, with clean installation and minimal disturbance to ongoing operations.

Not only do our systems create ideal solutions for dividing a facilities space, they also help overcome challenges with compliance, dust containment, temperature control, odour and sound reduction, cross contamination, fire resistance and more. 

All systems are designed to be reusable and adaptable, having the ability to be reconfigured and relocated should business needs evolve.

Solutions are designed to leave no lasting damage to buildings and offer short and long term cost savings when compared to traditional and conventional methods.

  • Flexiwall – tensioned floor-to-ceiling fabric partition wall
  • Flexicurta...
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Optimising Space in Large Industrial Buildings
This CPD will allow delegates to discover how to optimise space in large industrial buildings, when looking to divide a facilities existing area for efficiency and compliance.

It will take a look at both traditional partitioning methods versus innovative modular systems, and understand the challenges faced when dividing up facilities with high rooflines and large footprints.

Finally, in this CPD we will discuss the ideal attributes of a partitioning system (e.g., cost, health & safety, flexibility), the benefits of a tensioned fabric partition wall (e.g., aesthetics, sustainability etc) and the legislation and certifications that may be required.

By the end of this CPD, delegates ought to:

1. Have an understanding of the pros and cons of traditional versus innovative partitioning systems.
2. Know the challenges faced in partitioning large industrial buildings due to their size.
3. Know the ideal attributes of partitioning systems for use in large industrial spaces.
4. Have an overview of legislation and certifications that may be required.
5. Understand the benefits of using a tensioned fabric partition wall (e.g., protrusions, shape of building etc).

Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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