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Warmup plc


Warmup is a UK based manufacturing Plc, creating innovative smart control devices as well as electric and hydronic underfloor heating solutions, with more than 2 million systems sold in 70 countries worldwide. Warmup's Projects Division provide a bespoke underfloor heating solutions for Architects, M&E Consultants, Contractors, House Builders and Developers at each stage of the project life-cycle. Send them your plans today for an they will be able to recommend the right solution for you to meet all your project requirements.
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CPD Material (1)

How and When to Specify Underfloor Heating
This seminar will look at the following topics:
- Why use radiant underfloor heating?
- Why is UFH better in low energy houses?
- Specifying UFH
- Why not radiators?
- Hydronic or electric systems
- Types of floor
- Zoning and thermostats
- Research and case studies
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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