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Vionafiere is the organiser of MARMOMACC - the International Exhibition of Stone, Design and Tehcnology. Veronafiere is a CPD provider for AIA in the US, RIBA in the UK, RAIC in Canada, AIA in Australia, SAIA in South Africa and MEK in Hungary.
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Marmomacc 2021
Intended for all architects and companies constantly looking for training opportunities, the course programme Marmomac Academy is entirely dedicated to innovation in the application of natural stone in architecture, construction and industrial design.

For this Marmomac 2021 edition and for celebrating the return in presence of professionals of the stone sector, the Marmomac Talks Areas of the pavilion 2, 7 and 12 have been created to host some of the events. The program is focused on technical and environmental issues, on design and architecture solutions, on quarrying techniques, on start-up creations and on online sales.

The 2021 edition (29 September-2 October) focuses on the appointment with Marmomac Talks, the physical
extension of the virtual meetings seen last May on the Marmomac Plus platform

To ensure a comprehensive training program in compliance with the new safety standards imposed
by the Covid emergency, Marmomac Talks will take place in three areas set up in strategic points in
Halls 2, 7 and 12. This will allow everyone attending the trade fair in person the chance to move
around easily and take part without causing crowds.
Each Marmomac Talks area will be equipped with LED walls and socially distanced seats and will
also be connected in streaming to the other areas to ensure live viewing of the various events
organized during the trade fair.

People unable to take part in the event in person will still be able to watch these events available
through the Events section of the new Marmomac Plus portal - a digital tool created early in 2021
precisely to keep professionals all over the world in touch with participants and initiatives at the
September show attended in person.

Scheduled appointments especially include those with the curators and designers of exhibitions
such as The Italian Stone Theatre - Time in Stone, the experimental projects developed by university
students as part of the Young Stone Project, the Pinnacle Award ceremony and the presentation of
the new Natural Stone Pavilion.

An absolute innovation within the scope of Marmomac Talks is Marmo+Tech, the stage for technologies: a space for dissemination and comparison where technology companies will speak toan audience of technicians, plant managers and product developers to share case histories and best
practices - as well as to outline technical innovations at the service of stone processing companies.

Marmomac Talks is in turn flanked once again this year by training events for selected buyers as part of the incoming project created in collaboration with ICE Trade Agency and Confindustria

Lastly, another forum area planned for the 55th Marmomac will be set up inside the Verona Stone District - a space specifically for companies in the Verona area district
Knowledge level:
Advanced Knowledge
Material type: Other
Material type: Seminar
Multiple CPD formats
Marmomac Restart Digital 2020
The ReStart Digital 2020 project is a digital platform providing three days of meetings, networking, B2B and events where the natural stone community will have the chance to develop relationships within a global online format. During the digital event it’s possible to take part in the educational program known as Marmomac Academy, organized, for this special edition, in collaboration with the Iuav University of Venice and many other professionals of the sector, in both the technological and design field. This CPD will improve your understanding of:
- Physical/chemical properties of rocks and implications for the choice of stone materials
- Stone laying and installation, care and maintenance of natural stone material; processes and uses of the stone
- E-commerce in the stone sector; the Scandinavian marble market; North American stone market; the circular economy in the stone sector
- Stone applications in fashion and design: stereotomy and parametric in stone design; seriality in stone design
- Conservation and restoration techniques of buildings and stone claddings
- The potential and limits of quarries in terms of both production efficiency and sustainability
Knowledge level:
Advanced Knowledge
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
Multiple CPD formats
Designing With Natural Stone
‘Designing with natural stone’ is an annual international architectural conference that is designed to help architects learn advanced techniques in the use of marble, granite and other stone materials. The program is a unique combination of classroom lectures, guided architectural tours, and field trips to local quarries, as well as to natural stone processing facilities. This comprehensive approach enables architects to better understand stone’s full life-cycle – including how marble is quarried, cut, processed, finished, selected for specific jobs and installed, all using the latest technologies and products.
Knowledge level:
Advanced Knowledge
Material type: Course
Material type: Factory Visit
Material type: Workshop


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