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Thrislington Cubicles Ltd have been installing their award winning cubicle systems for over 40 years in schools, stadiums, museums and more, which is one of the reasons why they can offer their 15 year manufacturing guarantee. This experience has taught them many things, from the needs of architects to the needs of end users. Coupled with their dedication to design, this has made them the UK market leader in toilet cubicle and washroom manufacture.
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Washroom Design: Hygiene & Wellness
Design adapts to new rules of social interaction. During the pandemic, washrooms were furnished with sanitising accessories, every other cubicle locked, and every other urinal sealed to allow social distancing. This CPD will cover how going forwards, washroom design will have to adapt even further.

As experts in the washroom industry, we are passionate about how design can influence post-pandemic architecture. In the last two years, hygiene in building design has become more relevant than ever. The question is, how are buildings going to change in the future?
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