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Victoria Tarrant
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The Rooflight Company


Our rooflights help architects create beautifully designed naturally lit environments. Founded in 1993 by architect, Peter King RIBA, the Rooflight Company created the original Conservation Rooflight® which continues to lead the marketplace as the best product in its class. Today, this organisation is developing in the field of contemporary architecture and interior design. This was underlined when the Rooflight Company commenced production of its innovation - neo™. Featuring a sleek design and flush edge-to-edge glazing, neo™ has unique properties and a frameless, minimalist appearance which complement modern architecture perfectly. Designed entirely from the specifier's point of view, its clean lines merge unobtrusively with the roof and provide unobscured views from the interior.

CPD Material (3)

Bespoke Rooflights - A Specifier's Guide
Seminar presents 21 areas where a bespoke top-light solution may be required and uses case studies to demonstrate solutions.
Focuses on aesthetics and technical requirements and how these can be combined within a rooflight design.
Prevents solutions to combined briefs i.e. aesthetics alongside thermal efficiencies and security design
A focus on the design of high quality bespoke rooflights, tailored specifically to the project requirements.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
The Conservation Rooflight: Protecting our Nations Heritage
This seminar will help you:
- To understand heritage buildings and their importance
- To identify which rooflight design is an appropriate solution for your project
- To understand planners’ and conservation officers’ needs
- To improve knowledge of conservation rooflights
- To understand the modern conservation rooflight
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Light from Above: Past, Present and Future
This is a CPD seminar designed to increase the understanding of the foundations of top-lighting and its relevance today.
- Includes case studies demonstrating the application of rooflights in all types of buildings.
- Demonstrates the positive impact day-lighting has on buildings and the occupants.

Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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