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Tata Steel


Tata Steel provides a comprehensive range of products and techniques to create value for the construction industry and support sustainable development. The company works closely with its customers to deliver solutions aimed at improving cost-effectiveness and speed of construction, increasing the functionality and performance of buildings and infrastructure. The goal is to reduce the consumption of resources, including energy, both in the original construction process and in ongoing usage. The construction industry is Tata Steel’s largest single market globally, and the Group offers a range of products and systems – including Celsius structural hollow sections, ComFlor and RoofDek decking, Kalzip, Trisomet, Trimapanel and Trisobuild building envelope systems, and Colorcoat pre-finished steel. Among its credentials, the company supplies the widest range of construction products certified to BES 6001, the responsible sourcing standard. In addition to the product range, it has a team of experienced construction professionals, including structural engineers and architects, who can advise on optimal use of the products in your building to ensure that you meet your client’s requirements, Building Regulations and planning requirements.

CPD Material (17)

Colour in the Built Environment
This seminar is about the use of colour in the built environment. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- Understand the principles of colour and how we see colour
- Understand the different colour measurement and classification systems
- Understand principles behind the development of a colour palette
- Understand how to measure colour differences and colour matching tools and procedures
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
The Five Dimensions of Standing Seam
This CPD provides an overview of aluminium standing seam roofing systems. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- Understand the parameters of design including geometry and aesthetics
- Understand relevant standards and whether projects are technically suited to standing seam roofing
- Understand design tools and software available to aid architects and engineers
- Understand the use of accessories such as walkways, photovoltaics and rainscreen systems
- Understand the innovative use of standing seam products and expected future developments
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
CDM regulations 2015 and their impact on Steel Building Envelope specification
This Seminar will cover the following topics:
- History and background to the SDM regulations and key principles.
- Role of the HSE and enforcement.
- Key changes implemented in 2015.
- Roles and responsibilities.
- Focus on the Principal Designer and Client roles.
- Implications for building envelope specification.
- Design phase, construction phase and in use/ maintenace phase.
- Correct specification and case studies.
Material type: Seminar
Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Systems for Non-Domestic Buildings
This seminar will cover the following topics:
- Drivers for renewable technologies and roof mounted PV.
- Different types of PV systems.
- Factors affecting PV performance.
- Implications for roof mounted systems.
- Installation, inspection and maintenance.
- Guarantees for both PV and rood substrate.
- Financial incentives (UK Govt)
- Funding mechanisms.
- Payback periods.
Material type: Seminar
Part L 2014 and Future Changes: The Role of the Building Envelope in Compliance for Buildings other than Dwellings
Drivers and review of part revisions to Approved
Document L
- Understanding the main changes to AD L2A (new build) and demonstrating compliance
- Understanding AD L2B (refurbishment) and how much improvement in energy performance can be made
- How renewable energy technologies can contribute to achieving compliance
- Cost effective compliance. Ranking the costs of building envelope enhancements against the reduction in CO2 and energy savings
Material type: Seminar
Pre-Finished Steel for Standing Seam Roofs and How It Contributes to The Code for Sustainable Homes
This seminar will:
- Provide specifiers, building owners and clients with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits for using pre-finished steel for standing seam roofs
- Offer architects an alternative method in their quest to achieve higher levels in the Code for Sustainable Homes
- Highlight the sustainable attributes of pre-finished steel roof and wall cladding systems
- Explain how its specification can contribute to achieving a good overall rating in the Code for Sustainable Homes
Material type: Seminar
Steel Building Envelope Systems for Non-Domestic Buildings
This seminar covers the following topics:
- Overview of different steel roofing and cladding systems.
- Structural performance.
- Internal and external enviroments.
- Weather-tighness and installation.
- Conservation of heat and power.
- Fire performance.
- Insurance requirements.
- Acoustic performance.
- Sustainability.
- Integration of renewable technologies.
- Case studies.
Material type: Seminar
Building Integrated Renewable Technologies for Non-Domestic Buildings'
This seminar covers the following topics:
- Legislation and the drive towards zero carbon buildings.
- Comparision of renewable technologies.
- Options for intergrationof renewables into building envelope.
- Transpired Solar Collectors.
- Performance parameters:
- System variants.
- Control
- Payback periods.
- Case studies.
- Photovoltaics:
- Different types of PV system.
- Factors affecting performance.
- Installation.
- Maintenance.
- Warrenties (of PV and substrate).
- Payback periods.
- Case studies.

Material type: Seminar
Sustainable Refurbishment Solutions for Non Domestic Buildings
This seminar will cover the following topics:

- Main reasons nad drivers for refurbishment.
- Part L2B and key requirements.
- Main types of refurbishment solutions availble.
- Technical processes involved in delivering refurbishment solutions.
- Main harzards and risks that can be encountered during refurbishment.
- How these risks can be managed and overcome.
- The sustainable nature of refurbishment:
- Improving energy performance.
- Reducing Co2 emissions.
- Packback periods for refurbishment projects.
- Inegrations of renewable technologiesin refurbishment projects.
- Refurbishment case studies.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Sustainable Low Carbon Non-Domestic Buildings
This seminar covers the following topics:
- Legislation and the drive towards zero carbon.
- General approach to low carbon buildings and basic principles.
- Materials of contruction and embodied energy.
- Deconstruction, recycling and end of life.
- In use phase and operational energy.
- Compliance with current legislation and guidance.
- Impact of the building envelope.
- Incorporating renewalbe energy.
- BREEAM overview.
- Case studies.
Material type: Seminar
Acoustic Performance of Pre-finished Steel Cladding Systems
Pre-finished steel cladding systems can form the basis of an acoustically high-performance building envelope. The actual requirements will be building-specific, but where improvements are needed over the standard systems there are some simple guidelines that can be followed. The guidance given here will help building designers to achieve the optimum acoustic performance from their building envelopes.
Material type: Literature
In Plane Rooflights for Low Energy Buildings
For the first time this paper looks at the various impacts of introducing natural light into single storey buildings. Adopting the principles laid out here will help building designers to optimise their design with respect to the availablility of natural light, avoiding overheating and minimising energy usage.
Material type: Literature
Creating an Air Tight Building Envelope - Technical Paper
This technical paper provides guidance on the factors which affect the building envelope heat losses and quantify the typical air-tightness performance of metal cladding joints. This information can then be used when specifying the design requirements of a project to achieve Part L compliance.
Material type: Literature
Factory Visit
Factory tour: Pre-finished Steel and the Manufacturing Process
This CPD takes the visitor on a tour of Europe's largest pre-finished steel manufacturing facility, at Tata Steel Limited, Shotton Works, Deeside. The guided tour encompasses all aspects of the production process. The tour is completed by a technical presentation, which provides additional detail about the manufacture, testing, specification and utilisations of the products. The total duration of the visit is half a day.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Factory Visit
Structural Performance of Built up Roof and Wall Cladding Systems - Technical Paper
This technical paper aims to give the specifier a good understanding of what structual performance should be expected of a cladding system. It addresses the structural aspects of the specification of a built up cladding system and considers the necessary load paths in the cladding design. Architects and specifiers will have a clear understanding of the behaviour of individual components and the interaction between them.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Literature
Importance of Air-Tightness in Non-Domestic Buildings for Part L Compliance
This seminar will cover the following topics:
- Drivers for changes in airtighness levels.
- Requirements of Part L2A 2013.
- Impact of air-tightness performace.
- Assessment of steel building envelope systems.
- Achieving airtightness for differenct building envelope systems.
- Correct and incorrect detailling and its impact.
- Site practice and installation.
- Case studies.
Material type: Seminar
Steel for Roofing and Wall Cladding
This seminar will cover the following topics:
- Manufacturing process.
- Steel substrate and properities:
- Gauge.
- Galvanising.
- Different paint system properties and performance.
- Structural performance.
- Fragility, Health and Saftety and compliance with CDM Regulations.
- Aesthetics.
- Durability and testing:
- Corrosion resistance.
- UV resistance.
- External and Internal enviroments.
- Aggressive enviroments.
- Fire performance.
- Part L and contribution of systems.
- Acoustics.
- Sustainabillity.
- Guarantees.
- Case Studies.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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