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Pen Hill Estate

Park Spring Road
South Yorkshire
S72 7EZ
Robert Newton
Tel +44 (0)1226 446 241 Overview
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Symphony Group


Symphony is the UK’s largest supplier of kitchen furniture with a turnover of over £280 million and over 1700 employees. Symphony's Skyline team is experienced in designing and delivering high-rise urban developments that feature the latest kitchen trends delivered with Symphony’s industry renowned service and support.

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Kitchen Design: Back to Basics
This article describes and explains the minimum elements required within kitchens, and the minimum space required to be able to include these elements. It concludes with the steps that architects can take to aid kitchen designers in providing functional and attractive kitchens. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Existing standards and regulations applicable to kitchen design
- The elements that end users expect in addition to the minimum elements required for a functional kitchen
- The specific sizes of the minimum elements
- How to ensure appropriate space is provided within a property to provide a functional kitchen
- How to apply actions to improve the kitchen spaces provided in residential properties
Knowledge level:
Material type: Literature
Material type: Article