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Stressline Ltd


Stressline are a leading manufacturer and provider of structural building products including concrete and steel lintels, flooring systems, and decorative products like cast stone and fencing and walling products. We have built a reputation over 50 years, and have a dedicated specification and technical team. Contact us now.

CPD Material (1)

Lintel Intel: Specifying Lintels for New Homes and RMI
This seminar is concerned with lintel specification and the common challenges that arise. It gives tips and advice to help make specifying easier and will help you to understand the following topics:
- Understand the types of lintels available and their applications
- Understand how lintel materials compare and the different properties of steel and concrete lintels
- Understand what to consider when specifying lintels and the consequences of under and over specification
- Understand the common challenges manufacturers of lintels face from specification
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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