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United Kingdom
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Danesch Missaghian
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Rundum Meir (UK) Ltd


We have 50 years' experience in making bespoke, side sliding, side sectional, overhead sectional and up and over garage doors.

Our garage doors offer unlimited creative potential because they can be made to fit almost any opening, including curved or unusual shapes. All our doors are designed to operate quietly and can incorporate additional advantages and features such as electric remote automation and insulation.

Only high quality materials are used to manufacture Rundum Meir garage doors. We offer a wide variety of different types of timber, including Norwegian Spruce, Hemlock and Larch, and many of our customers choose our high strength extruded aluminium options too.

But material choices are not limited to timber and aluminium - we can make garage doors to order in glass, many different types of metal and facade doors, which are doors that are clad in the same material as the surrounding wall or facade. This makes the garage do...

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Rethinking the garage door: how bespoke garage door systems can add a unique dimension to a building's functionality
This presentation encourages architects to consider how the garage door can be treated as a key feature of the building, rather than an afterthought, unlocking new design potential in the same way that glazing and facade choices do. It covers the different types of bespoke garage doors that are available and how to integrate these into a building design, before going on to explain the key specification considerations, which materials and finishes available and some of the technical detailing regarding the interface with the surrounding structure. The presentation concludes by showing some examples of the different types of bespoke garage doors to offer inspiration to architects and demonstrate what can be achieved in comparison to using standard garage doors.
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General Awareness
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Material type: Seminar


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