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PRB Systems Ltd


PRB provides advanced rendering systems used to create beautiful looking homes while keeping buildings protected from the elements.

System offerings:

- External Wall Insulation

- Monocouche Rendering Systems

- Thin-coat Render Systems

- ICF Solutions

- Lime Render Systems

- Waterproofing Solutions

PRB has become the preferred partner of contractors and partners across the UK, offering unrivalled support and back up. 

Our Sales and Technical team are willing to help with your project from start to finish, offering expertise, advice, and tailored specifications. Turning your house into a home, or your property into a work of art. 

We offer a product sample service for you to see the colour and feel the texture. As we hold an impressive colour chart of over 100 shades, it’s important to us, that you view your colour in real life. 

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Choosing a Render System
In this CPD we look at how to select the correct render system for the building type from traditional dwellings to contemporary new builds. This presentation will aid and support the correct render for the substrate.

We also look at the maintenance and longevity of a rendered building.

This CPD aims to cover:

1. From the basics to the substrate of the building to find out the best solution for the a rendered finish.
2. The thickness of the render dependant on the properties location and overall build makeup.
3. The application and curing processes.
4. We look at the different finishes.
5. How to maintain the render once to keep it looking new.

By the end of this seminar, delegates should:

1. Know how to comfortably choose a render system.
2. Know how the render can be applied.
3. Understand the time frame of the application process.
4. How the different systems finish with different tuxtures.
5. How to keep the render clean and maintained.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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