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Onity Ltd


As a leading provider of e-locks, contactless mobile access and energy management solutions, backed by 5+ million locks installed in more than 30,000 properties, Onity offers a full spectrum of advanced facility management technology. The company provides the power of integrated solutions and reliable support to maximize the efficiency of your operations today and into the future.

Onity presents the new Serene™ all-in-one minimalist lock, brilliantly designed for aesthetically minded, high-end hotels. Meanwhile the Trillium™ lock range also features modern aesthetics which allow for easy upgrades.


Thanks to Onity´s DirectKey™ mobile access system, guests can conveniently use their smartphone as their room key; it also enables contactless check-in for hotel guests to bypass reception.


The Onity portfolio also includes in-room safes, minibars and intelligent occupancy-based energy management solutions which can generate significa...

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Hotel Energy Management through Security and Connectivity
This CPD will illustrate the benefits, in terms of Energy Reduction and Improved Guest Experience, by using advanced locking systems which are in turn integrated and connected to such items as intelligent thermostats and passive infrared sensors.

The CPD also covers the use of Mobile Key technology and highlights the many benefits such technology can bring.

By the end of this seminar delegates should know how to:
1. Advise on Increase energy and operational efficiency.
2. Generate cost savings and improve hotel RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room).
3. Complement sustainability practices and reduce carbon footprint.
4. Enhance guest comfort and satisfy their expectations.
5. Improve the level of security based on a digital strategy.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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