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Onduline Building Products Ltd


Onduline is an important player within waterproofing, and a market leader for lightweight roofing solutions:

  • Established in 1944, with Head Quarters in France
  • 80 years of industry experience
  • Approximately 1,200 employees from 28 nations
  • Present in over 100 countries via 29 subsidiaries
  • 8 fully certified plants in 7 countries
  • Employing approximately 1,200 people worldwide

Onduline lightweight roofing systems are used worldwide for many industrial, agricultural and DIY applications.

  • ONDULINE® CLASSIC Sheet: Made from 50% recycled cellulose fibres. The CLASSIC sheet is an extrem...
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Understanding Low Pitched Roofs & The Benefits of Sub-Roof Systems
This CPD covers “Understanding Low Pitched Roofs And The Benefits Of Sub-roof Systems". During the presentation we will talk about the importance of roof pitches and the considerations required to ensuring the right pitch for a building. The CPD also focuses on the tighter restrictions that came in to force within roofing with the launch of BS 5534, with amendments in 2015 and 2018 in relation to extreme weather changes and a need to align with European Standards.

BS 5534 recognises that there are situations where it would be difficult to avoid using a roofing product at less than the recommended roof pitch, and highlights that a roof that is designed below the recommended minimum roof pitches should have a functional weatherproof sub-roof system to remove any rainwater ingress safely to the eaves gutter. These situations can include a lean-to on an existing building where a window, cavity tray line or boundary restricts the roof pitch.

The seminar aims to help delegates:
1. Understand why roof pitches differ.
2. Have an understanding of the pros and cons of different roof pitches.
3. Have an understanding of when to use a different roof pitch.
4. Have an insight in to how a low pitch roof can benefit an end-user.
5. Have an understanding of what a sub-roof is, and when to use one.

By the end of this CPD you should understand:

1. The impact of a roof pitch on a building.
2. The importance of roof pitch for watertightness.
3. How a roof pitch can increase living space.
4. What a sub-roof is, and the pros and cons of the different types available.
5. How to create a low pitch roof with roof tiles.

Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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