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Minimal Frame Projects


Our aim at Minimal Frame Projects is to make your life as an architect as simple as possible. Our glazing solutions can be completely tailored to fit your designs, are often available with detailed CAD files and can be integrated within the structure of the building. Our cutting-edge products allow you to get on with designing the best client solution - no compromise!

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CPD Material (2)

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This CPD is to make the end user aware of all the different aspects to consider before choosing the correct door system for the project and also which material will work best for them

Also knowing about the current legislations and the the sustainability if the material they will use for the chosen system is the correct one.

Understanding accreditations and what to take into consideration when choosing the correcy supplier to carry out the works.

By the end of this CPD seminar, delegates ought to know:

1. Which door system will work for them.
2. The sustainability of the product.
3. Cerfifcation of their chosen system.
4. Configuration of the door system they choose.
5. What to look for in a company to carry out the works.

Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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