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Unit 3

Sheldon Business Park
Sheldon Corner
United Kingdom
SN14 0RQ
Justin Ransted
Tel +44 (0)1249 658514 Overview
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Metrotile UK Ltd


Metrotile UK supplies Lightweight Steel Roofing systems to the UK and Irish markets and is part of an international success story that has been in operation for over 30 years. Our systems and accessories can be seen upon rooftops in over 60 countries worldwide.

By using steel as the base material, it means the profiles can be pressed much thinner than a traditional slate or clay tile. The sheer strength of steel means that a Metrotile roof is far more durable and incredibly secure, whether held up against petty vandalism or the most extreme weather conditions.

Suitable for pitched roofs as low as 10 degrees and up to 90 degrees for vertical cladding, a Metrotile roof can provide all the characteristics a traditional pitched roof covering can provide as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Resistant to wind speeds of up to 120mph
  • Resistant to object impact and foot traffic
  • ...
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CPD Material (1)

Sustainable Lightweight Roofing Solutions
This seminar will provide information on:
- Roofing problems and solutions
- Vandalism problems and solutions
- Burglary problems and solutions
- Enhanced security
- Profile choices
- Whole life cost
- Health and safety
- Environmental and enhanced Eco Points
- Guarantees
Material type: Seminar


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