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Shaun Greene
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Metal Technology Ltd


Metal Technology Ltd is a leading UK and Ireland architectural aluminium systems company, specializing in innovative design and distribution of fenestration systems that offer architects, fabricators and developers glazing solutions for modern window, door, curtain walling and sloping roof constructions.
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Window Selection: A Specifier's Guide
The presentation will allow Architects to assess aluminium window systems in terms of their material, function and performance in relation to their specific project requirements.
The seminar will provide information on:
- The advantages of specifying aluminium windows and doors
- How to specify the correct window system for each project, including finishes, glass and ironmongery
- The correct window and door Security Standards, and when to specify
- Glass specifications, and impacts on security, thermal performance, solar control, and acoustics
- Realise the infinite ‘Cradle to Grave’ life cycle ability of aluminium as a sustainable building material
- The performance values and standards required for modern buildings
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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