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Lumon’s balcony glazing system is a glass balcony enclosure that has the unique ability to fully retract and allow the resident to fully open or fully close their balcony or terrace. This system is completely frameless, which allows unobstructed views for the residents of the building as well as easy use and maintenance when considering the retractability of the system. The closed glazing provides excellent protection for the facade and the concrete structures and thus extends future renovation intervals.

Lumon balcony glazing is of high quality and combines elegant design and practical use. The Lumon glazing system consists of two horizontal aluminium profiles located at the top of the ceiling and at the bottom on a parapet or on the floor, depending on which solution is most suitable for your project.

Profiles and glazing can be adapted to your needs in terms of colour, lamination and pattern. The glass thickness will be determined according to th...

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Balcony Glazing - Improving Balcony Space and Building Facade
This CPD aims to demostrate the benefits of the balcony glazing solution in a new construction and renovation scheme; How to create extra living space, meet sound insulation requirements, reduce building maintenance interval and increase value of the apartments with the simple sustainable solution.

During the presentation you will learn about design possibilities and see the case studies from buildings with glazed balconies.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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