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Lödige Industries


Lödige Industries is a leading global provider of lift solutions and logistics systems with headquarters in Warburg and Paderborn. With subsidiaries around the world, Lödige Industries provides material handling solutions for a wide range of customers. Founded in 1948, the medium-sized company remains family-owned and specialises in the supply of complex material handling systems from planning, design, manufacturing, programming and commissioning to service. Lödige Industries is the world market leader for air cargo handling terminals.

Lödige Industries is one of the world's leading providers of logistics systems and elevator solutions with more than 1200 employees and offices in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.

For more than 70 years, we have relied on quality, innovation and partnership. Moving, arranging and storing heavy goods permanently and reliably requires special know-how. In response to the individual requirements of our customer...

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Considerations for the Design and Specification of Car Lifts
Car lifts are complex, they can allow for increased parking space and it is important to specify them correctly. This course covers health and safety, regulatory compliance, use of energy, fire safety, product application and more. With this information you will be able to confidently design the most efficient car lift possible, either for a new or existing building.
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General Awareness
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