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Krona Koblenz SpA


krona Koblenz is an established italian company, manufacturing and supplying door suspension systems. The specialist products include fully adjustable concealed hinges for flush doors and sliding pocket door equipment. Concealed tracking for sliding doors has also been developed and patented. Swing/pivoting door leaves for mobility impaired users are available.

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Specification, Performance and Features of Concealed Hinges and Sliding Systems for Doors in Residential and Commercial Spaces
This CPD will discuss concealed components for doors and sliding doors, how to specify them in residential, hospitality and commercial markets and the pros and cons of concealed hinges. Other topics covered include fire and corrosion performances of stainless steel, steel and zamak versions of concealed hinges, hinge maintenance and general recommendations for concealed components and new developments in concealed sliding door equipment with no tracks/wheels on the floor. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How concealed components can provide aesthetic benefits
- How to specify concealed door hinges and the component options available
- The properties of concealed components with regards to technical performance
- Door accessories that can affect hinge performance

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General Awareness
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