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Spectrum House

Beehive Ring Road
Gatwick Airport
Andy Kerry
Tel +44 (0)121 332 2400 Overview
Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Komfort Partitioning Ltd are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Komfort Partitioning Ltd

Komfort Partitioning Ltd


Komfort divide spaces by designing and manufacturing internal glazed and solid partitions with integrated doorsets. They are quality UK manufacturers, proud of their long standing relationships built on service, flexibility and technical support. Their knowledgeable and experienced specialists deliver the architect’s vision through their extensive contractor network.

CPD Material (3)

Dividing Work Spaces for Individual's Wellbeing and High Performance Buildings
In line with the WELL Standards, this seminar explores the relationship between office design and individuals' wellbeing, with a specific focus on millennial's preferences in a working environment. From this, the seminar demonstrates how employee productivity and satisfaction are intrinsically linked to acoustic control. It will finish by exploring different future design solutions to divide spaces, including adaptable partitioning systems. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The different partitioning solutions used to divide spaces and control acoustics
- The WELL Standards and how the 10 concepts should be considered in building design
- The relevance of millennials in the workplace and their preferences in the workplace
- How dividing spaces and controlling acoustics can play a role in improving wellbeing and productivity in the workplace
- The future of partitioning design and its role in dividing spaces
Knowledge level:
Detailed Knowledge, General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Specifying Partitioning
This interactive seminar will provide you with a recommended process for and an understanding of the key issues faced when specifying partitioning systems. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- How to specify partitioning to meet performance requirements
- The relevant Building Regulations, standards and performance parameters, including fire standards and how to meet environmental building requirements
- Factors affecting the control of sound in a commercial environment
- The key issues and potential risks when specifying partitioning
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Sound Advice
This seminar will discuss:

- Introduction to Sound and Noise
- Effects of Sound and Noise in the workplace
- Testing and Acoustic Performance of Partitions
- Designing and Specifying Partitions – Acoustic
- Room Acoustic issues
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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