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Wellington Mills

Huddersfield Road
WF15 7FH
Jack Eustace
Tel +44 (0)1924 410544 Overview
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Heckmondwike FB


Heckmondwike has been manufacturing its renowned anti-ravel and anti-fray fibre bonded carpets since the launch of its Iron Duke product in 1967. With the introduction of Supacord in 1973, the company's carpets have been used within education buildings for well over forty years, with Heckmondwike now considered the education sector’s number one carpet provider. Nowadays, Heckmondwike's carpets are also found in commercial offices, apartments and retail outlets to name a few. Whilst designs and colours have moved on since the company first formed, Heckmondwike's commitment to manufacturing durable carpets remains the same, with all products made and despatched from the company's factory in West Yorkshire. Heckmondwike's focus is not only on creating quality carpets that last, but also ensuring the company meets the varied requirements of its customers, no matter what sector or industry. For this reason, Heckmondwike spends a lot of time researching its markets and getting to know c...
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CPD Material (1)

What to Consider When Specifying Fibre Bonded Carpets
This seminar is about the correct specification of fibre bonded carpets. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- The key factors to consider when specifying contract flooring
- How fibre bonded carpets meet contract flooring requirements
- The differences between sheet products, carpet tiles and carpet planks and when they should be used
- How fibre bonded carpets are manufactured
- How to identify a quality fibre bonded product and whether it is fit for the contract environment
- How fibre bonded carpets can meet environmental standards and legislation
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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