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Halspan Ltd



Halspan® is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality door components, from fully-certified fire door blanks and cores, seals and hardware, to steel door frames.


In the 1990s, Halspan revolutionised the world of timber door manufacture with its door blanks made from a unique 3-layer particle board.


Halspan was also the first company to offer a full range of testing. Halspan didn’t just test one door blank to see whether it could be used as a fire door, they tested every conceivable door configuration and mode. Halspan continue to test to British Standards (BS), European Standards (EN) and North American Standards (UL), providing customers with complete peace of mind.


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Adapting to the changing demands for buildings and the environment, Halspan has continued to explore and develop new products and service...

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CPD Material (1)

Fire Resisting Doors and The Golden Thread
The Building a Safer review commented on the Building Regulations and Fire Safety. One of the many recommendations has been the Golden Thread initiative which should ensure access to reliable, up to date information of the building's life cycle from design, specification, construction, maintenance, and inspection. The methodology of having real time information is contained within BS8644-1, Digital Management of Fire Safety Information. This CPD relates to how a specifier can utilise up to date technology developed within the Fire Door Industry supply chain to ensure, specification, detailing, fabrication, installation, inspection, and maintenance can be used to satisfy the needs of new legislation and the Golden Thread. It is a step by step guide as to how this technology can be easily utilised by the specifier to ensure their clients ensure they have fire resisting doors that are compliant.
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General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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