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1 Oak Lane

United Kingdom
Paul Yearsley
Tel +\+44 (0) 117 965 4888 Overview
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HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists


HAG specialises in property protection solutions in the following areas. Security – Fire – Automatic and Environmental doors.

We are a certified FIRAS Installer.

Our business was established in 1983 and we continue to value and uphold our company values:




Our product range is varied and we are in a unique situation to offer tailor-made security solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

We specialise in industrial doors, steel doors, fire & smoke protection products, roller shutters, high speed, thermal & acoustic doors, security grilles & gates, loading bay dock levellers, automatic doors, commercial doors and garage doors.

HAG are the preferred supplier for many of the UK’s emergency services including Fire Service, NHS, Police and Coast Guard.

We have an array of experience with major construction compan...

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Online CPD Video (2)

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This on-demand CPD video will give you A Complete Guide to Steel Doors, how these products will help you to meet regulatory & legislative obligations, security & fire protection requirements, as well as more specialist options such as insurance certified, blast resistance, acoustic & thermal needs. After completing this CPD, you will have an indepth knowledge of technical specifications, bespoke options, whilst also factoring in how this can work seamlessly alongside your sustainability & inclusive environment criteria. This detailed yet concise CPD will enable you to make knowledgeable & confident specifications.

After completing this CPD seminar, delegates ought to know:

- What Steel Door Products are available & how this will help you with specifying the correct product for your security, fire protection, acoustic, thermal & environmental needs.
- How these products are used to prevent significant fire & smoke damage, secure buildings against a variety attacks, how bespoke products can meet thermal, environmental, acoustic & blast resistant needs.
- The ways in which you can use these products to meet these regulatory & legislative requirements.
- The technical difference between the products, as well as bespoke specifications, aesthetics, accessibility, sustainability & energy performance.
- The process of how to specify the right product for the right application, inappropriate applications and discuss essential long term maintenance.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
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Online Learning, by HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

The purpose of this video is to educate you further & build upon your existing knowledge on the topic of fire shutters, fire curtains and fire resisting steel doors, so you will be confident in applying this up-to-date information into your daily work in specifying fire protection products. We will cover: what solutions you can use to manage fire & smoke risk. What solutions you can use to protect buildings from significant fire & smoke damage and save lives. Talk about up to date regulations and legislation around fire protection. How various products can help you to meet your legal requirements. The technical differences between products, as well as bespoke specifications & aesthetics. Discuss accessibility, sustainability and energy performance and finally advise you on inappropriate applications & long term maintenance.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning


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