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Chapel Mill

Park Green
SK11 7LZ
Christine Buckham
Tel +44 (0)1625 428922 Overview
Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Gradus are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Gradus



Gradus is an international market-leading interior contract solutions provider, with a particular focus and reputation for quality flooring products, built over nearly 50 years.

Products supplied include carpet, wall protection, stair edging, floor trims, expansion joint covers, LED lighting and barrier matting.

Gradus has experience in a wide variety of different commercial sectors and aims to ensure optimum specification and product function in any application, achieved via comprehensive legislative and product knowledge.

CPD Material (3)

The Specification and Design Considerations of Wall, Corner and Door Protection Systems
This seminar will give the specifier all he or she needs to know to make the most effective decisions when specifying interior protection.
Material type: Seminar
The Specification and Design Considerations of Stair Edgings
This seminar looks at:
- Slip resistance
- Visual contrast
- Additional factors
Material type: Seminar
The Specification and Design Considerations of Barrier Matting Systems
Architects will gain information that will help them to specify entrance matting systems effectively, where and how to use it, ideas on how to use it, types of product available etc.
Material type: Seminar


Gradus has CPD Materials in the following areas: -

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