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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Forterra Building Products are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Forterra Building Products

Forterra Building Products


Forterra is a leading UK manufacturer of essential clay and concrete building products, with a unique combination of strong market positions in clay bricks, concrete blocks and precast concrete flooring.

Our heritage dates back for many decades and the durability, longevity and inherent sustainability of our products is evident in the construction of buildings that last for generations; wherever you are in Britain, you won’t be far from a building with a Forterra product within its fabric.

Our clay brick business combines our extensive secure mineral reserves with modern and efficient high-volume manufacturing processes to produce large quantities of extruded and soft mud bricks, primarily for the new build housing market.

We are also the sole manufacturer of the iconic Fletton brick, sold under the London Brick brand, used in the original construction of nearly a quarter of England's housing stock and today used extensively by homeowners carrying out extension or ...

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CPD Material (4)

The Building Safety Act 2022 - An essential guide for architects
The presentation aims to give a broad and as detailed as possible explanation of the essentials of the Building Safety Act 2022, and its impact on roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and specifically the architect in fulfilling the duties required under the legislation. This includes the impact of the act on information accuracy and completeness, changes to Approved Document B and new planning gateways of the process.

This CPD aims to give:
1. A background on building safety issues and catastrophes and how learning from them and knowledge evolves.
2. An introduction to the essentials of the BSA - and what it means for architects/specifiers in particular.
3. An overview of roles and responsibilities under the BSA, how it defines them and the changes to ARB competency.
4. Information on how the act changes Approved Document B and the defined relevant buildings.
5. Information on how the act has created new roles including Principal Designer and Construction Products Regulator and what they include.

By the end of this seminar delegates will:
1. Have an improved understanding and confidence in the BSA and its implications for construction legislation and the architect's roles and opportunities.
2. Have a concise overview as possible on the fundamental and key points of the BSA and what it entails.
3. Have clarity on roles in information flow, who is responsible and what they need to know (the Golden Thread).
4. Be able to navigate the essentials of and through the three planning gateways - in particular Gateway 1 and fire safety.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Online Learning
Permeable Paving and the Principles of SuDS - Here Comes the Rain Again… A natural approach to management of stormwater: Principles, design and detailed application.
Studies show that the number of people affected by floods is growing much faster than scientists previously had thought, due both to increased inundation and migration of people into flood-prone areas.

The Climate Emergency, with its predictions of even more flooding events in the future. We need technologies that alleviate some of the worst effects of flooding on human life, health and property.

This CPD seeks to provide an understanding of the role permeable paving SuDS can play in the natural approach to management of stormwater: - the principles, design and detailed application. This includes an in depth overview of the systems properties, materials and construction.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Online Learning
Material Specification and Workmanship (General principles of masonry specification, best practice and workmanship)
The understanding and application of the general principles of masonry specification and workmanship on site is key to successful outcomes on any project. The CPD aims to equip the architect audience with an overview of brick types, finishes and properties in a contextual overview of BS 771-1. It then leads to a grounding in site best practice and avoidance of potential future defects/problems.
- The correct brick for the buildings geographic location, brick position within the structure and architectural detailing that may be required within the masonry façade
- The relationship between clay type, manufacturing technique and its impact on the technical properties of clay masonry
- BS EN 771-1
- How to promote “best practice” when constructing clay masonry on site and have the ability to stop “bad practice” before problems arise or costs are incurred
- The key characteristics of clay masonry and its properties

Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Online Learning
Modern movement - an essential guide to horizontal and vertical movement in masonry.
Understanding movement in clay and concrete masonry is key to accurate specification and effective, robust detailing. The CPD covers the essentials in specific material properties and behaviour of brick and blocks. It also addresses the legislation and standards related to frequency/location in horizontal and vertical planes and avoiding problems through correct detailing and placement of movement joints
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning


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