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Lyncastle Road
Ria Goddard
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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Euroform Products are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Euroform Products

Euroform Products


Established in 1995, Euroform Products is an innovative ISO 9001 accredited company specialising in building products and solutions for the construction industry, including: Building Boards and Fire Rated Boards (cement particle board, calcium silicate board, magnesium oxide board, tile board), Natural Insulation (sheep’s wool insulation, hemp insulation, woodfibre insulation), Foil Insulation (multi-layer foil insulation and polyethylene bubble foil insulation) and External Cladding (timber-effect cladding, thin brick-slip system). We’ve also created a range of lightweight, maintenance-free, fully weatherproof, fast-build systems, including prefabricated chimneys and prefabricated GRP dormers, canopies, columns, copings, gallows, finials and brackets. Continuous improvement is integral to the Euroform ethos, with products tested to BS standards and, in many cases, to the more onerous EN standards. A customer-focused business, Euroform offers a complete service, incorporating full technical support, comprehensive system solutions, full fabrication service, FREE site visits, FREE CAD drawings, FREE U-Value calculations and UK-wide delivery.

CPD Material (1)

EN Tested Fire Protection 'Futureproof Protection'
This seminar aims to show delegates:

- How to help prevent misspecifications of fire protection building boards
- How to increase awareness of importance of EN testing / tested products
- How to consider the extra performance required to meet with EN testing criteria
- Examples of misuse
Material type: Seminar


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